Name : Shanay (Shuh-nay)

D.O.B : 15 July 1991

Height 163cm

Weight : 46kg

Location : Selangor, Malaysia

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:: Beauty is not caused. It is. - Emily Dickinson ::


My Intro

Shanay :
  • pronounced as Shuh-nay
  • Derived form Yiddish origin meaning 'beautiful'. It is primarily used in Hebrew.


I started my first blog at the age of 14, and have been blogging every since.

My main interest is in designing, in which you can see through my blog designs, which changes according to my mood. I also enjoy singing and reading, both which I do at the same time.

I'm currently a Diploma student at Segi College Subang Jaya, Malaysia, majoring in Graphic Design.

I post my assignments photos in my blog from time to time.

I blog mainly about my life, my thoughts, certain news that get my attention,
things that I feel unfair of, dramas/songs/movies I happen to like and any grumbles I happen to have.

I love my family, which contains of my parents, 1 sister, 1 brother and a cat.

I love my gals, who have seen me through my best and worst, and still stay by me through everything.

I love my college gang, who definitely made my college life 100 times more exciting than it was supposed to be.

And I love my blog. The ONE place where I am truly myself.

Blog start date : 1/4/2009

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