Sunday, February 1, 2015 |

Feelings are like waves
when they come they come
and you aren't able to stop them

Feelings are not sensible
they get you all confused
they drive you around for hours
before they drop you right back where you started

Feelings are deceiving
they make you believe they were real
before you realize
it was all just in your mind

Feelings are volatile
they can change immediately at once
or just so slightly day by day
that you never seem to notice

Feelings are hard to get over
because we keep feeding them
with memories from the haunting past

Feelings are precious
don't waste them on people
that are not at all worth it

Feelings are temporarily
the importance of it now
won't seem that important to you
when you look back in a few years time

Feelings are visitors
they aren't here to stay forever
just let them come and go

You'll be fine
trust me
it's just feelings
after all


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