Judging books by their cover @ Big Bad Wolf 2014 Book Cover Designs

Monday, December 8, 2014 |

So I went to the annual Big Bad Wolf Bookfair at MIECC last weekend. At an early 7am in the morning to avoid being sandwiched by all the book lovers from all around Malaysia.

Most novels were at an average of RM8-RM10, which was super super cheap! Crazy as it sounds, it takes a lot of self-control to stop myself from overspending on books. Not clothes, not bags, not shoes, but books.

But at the same time, I enjoyed my time going through all the book cover designs. People say don't judge a book by its cover, but as a Graphic Designer I would beg to differ on that. Visually a book cover would give you some idea of what the books is about, or it's target audience. If a cover has absolutely no effect on the buyer, books cover would just be black text on white paper. Publishers wouldn't need to spend the money and effort on creating the perfect cover design.

I for one, always take notice of the cover design of a book before turning it around to read it's synopsis.

And this post is a compilation of some of the book cover designs I found rather interesting during my visit to the Big Bad Wolf 2014.

Sometimes, simple and easy does the trick.

What a gift.

Loved the use of the transparent book sleeve with the title embossed(?) on.

Clever use of the spectacles to create the impression of looking through coloured glass.

Illustrations/Graphics/Photos, Typography and Colour. All are so important to balance with each other to create a visually pleasing cover.

Swashes <3

Straightforward idea, yet full of clever details.
I suppose the reason the yellow dress flows through between the suit's trousers is answered within the story.

Great use of contrasting colour that give that hint of Indian culture. 
Even with just the book title there is so much you could do to present an intro to the story.

Vintage indeed.

The use of two different typeface catches your eye.

Even more typefaces combined.

Cute little illustration that reminds me of Dutch houses.

Straightforward, right to the point.

The Os became the crocodile's eyes. Clever.
And the placement of the crocodile that reveals only the back part creates the element of mystery.

Nice choice of color for a Teen fiction. Bright and lively.

Different font sizes create the illusion of depth.
And nothing is more straightforward than literally visually depicting the title itself.

Catchy colours.

Liked the use of the shadow puppet theme.

A classic from Ray Bradbury, the sharp vibrant green added a nice touch to it.

Handwriting style always gives you that friendly feel.

You can't go wrong with black and red.

These books were intentionally made to look worn and torn.

Self-explanatory enough.

Small little squarish book full of quotes with typography treatments.

Great typography layout.

Loved the use of a floor plan to depict the idea of an office. And also the ligature "ffi". 

Simple, but catchy cver

Hyphen well treated.

The title is just screaming to be placed with the red around it.

And my favorite among all had to be this one.

Dual covers creating the visual description of the two parties story. Smart.

Someday if I have the chance I would really love to work on some book cover designs. Summarizing one whole story in just one cover. Sounds like real fun. =)

For those who are interested, in either the book covers, or the books themselves.. The Big Bad Wolf is still ongoing until the 16th of December, and it's open 24 hours every single day non stop. Drop by and treat yourself with the luxury of unlimited knowledge and experiences in black letters on white paper.

Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC)
Ground Floor, Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor


Looking at book cover designs is fun, but reading is even more fun. =) 

I've bought enough books to last me throughout the whole 2015,

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