A Picture A Story: White Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014 |

Everything seemed dark and gloomy to her,
even with the white snow covering every surface outside her window.

She left the flowers lying quietly on the hallway floor.
What use were flowers if the person who sent them wasn't here?

She left the box of chocolate on the sofa seat, unopened.
What use were chocolates if the person who sent them wasn't here?

The only thing she had touched was the note that came together with the rest.
What use was a sorry if the person who wrote it wasn't–

She stopped herself halfway.
The person who sent it wasn't here, that was the use of the sorry.

She snuggled underneath the fleece blanket wrapped around her. 
What use was Christmas if the person she wanted to spend it with wasn't even here?

The doorbell rang.
She grabbed a bunch of money notes to pay for the pizza.

Pizza on Christmas. What a joke.

But it wasn't the pizza delivery guy at her doorstep,
standing in the cold.

It was the main object of her thoughts,
with that familiar smile and snow in the hair.

"Baby, it's cold outside."

For the first time that night,
she smiled. 

And everything started to seem a bit brighter.
It is a white Christmas after all.


Notes: Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas just seems like the time to get a bit cheesy, other than being the most wonderful time of the year. And the lyrics in "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was supposed to be about wanting to leave. Total opposite situation in this case.

Have a great festive season ahead! =)


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