Confession of an iPhone user: From 4s to 6

Friday, November 21, 2014 |

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3 years ago, I bought my first Apple product: the iPhone 4s.

Fast forward to 3 years later; by now almost all my daily electronics are from Apple. My Macbook, iPhone, iPod Nano, the now broken iPad... and even my work computer is an iMac. (Designers, duh)

I don't know how this transaction occurred, and it wasn't intended. Things just went with the flow.

But well, no matter how comfortable I am with my Apple products, they still come with a lifespan. And my dear iPhone was slowly dying on me. I believe most 4s users would face the same problems as I did; unresponsive keyboards, auto-shut down, unresponsive screen, battery lasting you for less than a morning... someone told me that day that her "a" button on the keyboard was not responding to touch, and she had to type everything with the "a" letter.

Imgine tht. wful.

When the 5s came out I was already itching to change my phone. But I was a poor student living abroad by then, and money wasn't going to drop down from the sky for me. So, my phone changing plan had to postpone.

Until now... I'm finally financially capable to afford a new phone for myself! First ever phone I bought without relying on my parents-okay, that's not entirely true. I bought a Sony Ericsson K770i with my own money back when I was 18, but that was like just RM700++. Not too hard to get at that time.

This however, cost me RM2749 since I decided to go for the 64GB model. All the freelance design jobs paid off, like finally.

No point for me to ramble on and on about the new functions and design and size of the new iPhone, since you can google that and get loads of professional opinions on those. If your an Apple hater, you can even go google "iPhone 6 bend" and laugh your ass off at it.


However, I can give you some opinions of mine, from being a previous iPhone 4s user to a current iPhone 6 user. Bear with me, I'm a casual phone user that doesn't really care about gaming on phones or business functionality or video viewing. I think the biggest function of my phone for me is staying online and the camera.

1. Size & Weight

Once you get used to the larger, bigger size of the 6, you'll wonder how the heaviness of your 4s never bothered you. The difference is very obvious when compared.

The bigger size of the 6 means no more single-hand handling for me and my tiny hand, which is a good thing to prevent me from using my phone while driving. I took like a day or two to get used to the larger size and bigger screen, but after awhile it became natural. By now I do find the size just right.

One downside is the curved edges that used to be straight. Makes it harder to grip, and I've lost count of how many times the phone fell out of my hand onto my chest/face while I was lying on my bed scrolling through it. I suppose a good cover would solve this.

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2. Screen & Readability

Awesome colors, clear crisp screen. You have the option to adjust the home screen icon size, and the text size as well.

Some apps appear enlarged and pixelated on the bigger screen (Like whatsapp, which just updated awhile ago), but these apps would know better to update themselves to support iPhone 6 ASAP anyway.

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3. Camera

Soooooooooooooooo much better than the 4s camera. Front camera is now 1.2MP, and the same 8MP back camera, but with all the new stuff Apple has added on, the camera is wayyyy better and faster. It focus much faster too.

There's also this new "time lapse" and "slo-mo" function in the camera app that I haven't played with yet, but I'm guessing they're video shooting stuff.

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4. Fingerprint Scanner

The best thing I love about my new phone!!!

I know 5s users have already had this function since last year, but it would be an entirely new thing for 4s users. And this function is just so cool! With just your finger you can unlock your phone, without sliding the lock screen+pressing your password!

I find it very convenient, since the whole point of me not locking my phone with a password was to avoid the extra step. Now I can unlock it easily, and keep my phone safe (to a certain degree) at the same time!

And you get to set more than one finger into the system, so no worries about injuries on that important finger or switching to one hand to unlock.

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5. iOS 8 

If you're a 4s user, and you've listened to all the advice around the net, or from your friends like me, you would have stayed with you iOS 7 despite the rolling out of the iOS 8. Never tried it, but I truly believe that the phone is not compatible to support such a heavy system that was designed for a much faster and bigger phone.

Nothing much about the new OS; some new apps, widgets in the notification center, and dictation on the keyboard area (which I found useless and closed it).

6. Battery

Maybe it's because it's a new phone, maybe because my 4s battery was just too old-aged to function properly anymore, but I was totally amazed by the battery life of my new phone.

Charged full once. And the battery lasted me for 2 full days.

Go on, let your jaw drop. For this smartphone era, it's a rare sight when you don't need to charge your phone at least once per day.

Of course, it wasn't on heavy use, and I was busy with work so it was just left there most of the time, but I had my location services, wifi and 3G on. Still pretty impressive.

On average, I survive on just the battery for one whole day, and that's with heavy usage of data and social media/communication apps on all the time. Good enough.


Overall, I'm pretty grateful I got this new phone. Here's to hoping it last for another 3 years! Based on the current flow,  I predict I'll be just in time for iPhone 7.


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