DIY Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat

Thursday, December 19, 2013 |

A short project of mine to DIY Christmas gifts this year! Mainly because I had no time to go and walk through all the shops thinking what I should buy. 

And they turned out to be quite adorable.

Here goes... Hope you guys like it! 


Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat DIY

Stuff you need :
1. Fererro Rocher chocolate 
2. Square shape paper 
3. Red marker pen 
4. Cotton
5. Glue, scissors and double sided tape 

Step 1///

Fold the square paper into half and cut it. 

Step 2//////

Color the paper red, leaving a line of white at the bottom. 

Step 3///////

Fold one edge of the triangle to the other,  keeping the pointy point of curving at the middle. I found it easier to pull a bit more and release afterwards.

Now fit the other edge to the same edge. By now you should have a pointy hat that has a long tail at the bottom. 

Step 4//////

Glue the edges firmly.

Step 5/////

Roll the cotton into a rounded ball shape and stick it on to the pointy side of the hat. 

Step 6/////

Put some double sided tape on the longer tail of the hat and stick it on to the chocolate.



Early Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Festive greetings,

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