Recap 2013...?

Sunday, December 29, 2013 |

Once again its time for the end of the year. Usually I post a recap of my whole year (2012/2011/2010/2009). On a side note I've been blogging for quite many years, just realized that.

But this year, I suddenly felt like I didn't want a recap. 2013. A year I wanted so much stuff to just pass by as soon as possible. A year I don't really want to look back on. A year I just want to end.

A white paper tinted with black ink.

2014, I want the happy me to come back.

And I'll leave the New Year resolutions for New Year's Eve.

Toast to the past and the future,

DIY Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat

Thursday, December 19, 2013 |

A short project of mine to DIY Christmas gifts this year! Mainly because I had no time to go and walk through all the shops thinking what I should buy. 

And they turned out to be quite adorable.

Here goes... Hope you guys like it! 


Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat DIY

Stuff you need :
1. Fererro Rocher chocolate 
2. Square shape paper 
3. Red marker pen 
4. Cotton
5. Glue, scissors and double sided tape 

Step 1///

Fold the square paper into half and cut it. 

Step 2//////

Color the paper red, leaving a line of white at the bottom. 

Step 3///////

Fold one edge of the triangle to the other,  keeping the pointy point of curving at the middle. I found it easier to pull a bit more and release afterwards.

Now fit the other edge to the same edge. By now you should have a pointy hat that has a long tail at the bottom. 

Step 4//////

Glue the edges firmly.

Step 5/////

Roll the cotton into a rounded ball shape and stick it on to the pointy side of the hat. 

Step 6/////

Put some double sided tape on the longer tail of the hat and stick it on to the chocolate.



Early Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Festive greetings,

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