Why do we blog?

Friday, October 18, 2013 |

Been neglecting my blog for a really really long time. My last post was 26 June 2013, and before that half a year ago. I don't know since when, but slowly the posts just get lesser and lesser. It started out because everyone was doing so, from MSN space to 无名小站 (wretch.cc) to Blogger... and staying here. 

And somehow I've always been enthusiastic about it. I doubt my blog even get any loyal hits, but I've always had the feeling I was blogging about myself and for myself anyway.

I would write my thoughts here, record daily activities, share a nice show I liked, introduce some weird songs that only I listen to, ramble on and on with my ordinary girl's rants.... A blog post could circulate around my head for days, correcting every small error before I wrote it.

Then it got boring. Maybe I just go too busy. Maybe it was when I came to UK. Maybe the new life was too busy for me to handle. Maybe blogging just wasn't the "in" thing anymore. Maybe the people around me weren't the blogging type of people. Excuses..excuses..excuses.... I knew I had lost the interest in blogging, and that was the sole excuse I could ever give.

I miss going to my blog to check the hits. I miss the excitement I get when I get the occasional comments. I miss reading back and realizing.. oh yeah I did that once a long time ago. I miss having people tell me "I read that on your blog"...

And frankly I feel kinda bad for not blogging about the best year of my life : my first year in Newcastle, UK. How much I have experienced, how many things that I've gone through, how many places I visited. Everything was almost a certain long post material!

Today I got the news that Wretch.cc would be closing down soon. So many years of my life was spent on that place. All the ugly photos and childish posts. The memories of those years. All the friends I made through my computer screen at that place. It's like a part of my life is going to be chipped off.

Why do we blog?

I think I need to find my answer to that question. Once again.


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