Recap 2013...?

Sunday, December 29, 2013 |

Once again its time for the end of the year. Usually I post a recap of my whole year (2012/2011/2010/2009). On a side note I've been blogging for quite many years, just realized that.

But this year, I suddenly felt like I didn't want a recap. 2013. A year I wanted so much stuff to just pass by as soon as possible. A year I don't really want to look back on. A year I just want to end.

A white paper tinted with black ink.

2014, I want the happy me to come back.

And I'll leave the New Year resolutions for New Year's Eve.

Toast to the past and the future,

DIY Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat

Thursday, December 19, 2013 |

A short project of mine to DIY Christmas gifts this year! Mainly because I had no time to go and walk through all the shops thinking what I should buy. 

And they turned out to be quite adorable.

Here goes... Hope you guys like it! 


Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hat DIY

Stuff you need :
1. Fererro Rocher chocolate 
2. Square shape paper 
3. Red marker pen 
4. Cotton
5. Glue, scissors and double sided tape 

Step 1///

Fold the square paper into half and cut it. 

Step 2//////

Color the paper red, leaving a line of white at the bottom. 

Step 3///////

Fold one edge of the triangle to the other,  keeping the pointy point of curving at the middle. I found it easier to pull a bit more and release afterwards.

Now fit the other edge to the same edge. By now you should have a pointy hat that has a long tail at the bottom. 

Step 4//////

Glue the edges firmly.

Step 5/////

Roll the cotton into a rounded ball shape and stick it on to the pointy side of the hat. 

Step 6/////

Put some double sided tape on the longer tail of the hat and stick it on to the chocolate.



Early Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Festive greetings,

Why do we blog?

Friday, October 18, 2013 |

Been neglecting my blog for a really really long time. My last post was 26 June 2013, and before that half a year ago. I don't know since when, but slowly the posts just get lesser and lesser. It started out because everyone was doing so, from MSN space to 无名小站 ( to Blogger... and staying here. 

And somehow I've always been enthusiastic about it. I doubt my blog even get any loyal hits, but I've always had the feeling I was blogging about myself and for myself anyway.

I would write my thoughts here, record daily activities, share a nice show I liked, introduce some weird songs that only I listen to, ramble on and on with my ordinary girl's rants.... A blog post could circulate around my head for days, correcting every small error before I wrote it.

Then it got boring. Maybe I just go too busy. Maybe it was when I came to UK. Maybe the new life was too busy for me to handle. Maybe blogging just wasn't the "in" thing anymore. Maybe the people around me weren't the blogging type of people. Excuses..excuses..excuses.... I knew I had lost the interest in blogging, and that was the sole excuse I could ever give.

I miss going to my blog to check the hits. I miss the excitement I get when I get the occasional comments. I miss reading back and realizing.. oh yeah I did that once a long time ago. I miss having people tell me "I read that on your blog"...

And frankly I feel kinda bad for not blogging about the best year of my life : my first year in Newcastle, UK. How much I have experienced, how many things that I've gone through, how many places I visited. Everything was almost a certain long post material!

Today I got the news that would be closing down soon. So many years of my life was spent on that place. All the ugly photos and childish posts. The memories of those years. All the friends I made through my computer screen at that place. It's like a part of my life is going to be chipped off.

Why do we blog?

I think I need to find my answer to that question. Once again.



Thursday, June 27, 2013 |

Nine months ago, the first place I went to after landing at Newcastle was this place, my accomodation for the year, Camden Court.

At first it was totally empty and clean..

As time passed more and more stuff were added and slowly it got too messy for my own liking. The room might not be big, nor new and modern, but it was the closest thing I had to home here, and I made sure it was cosy and homey-feeling.

Just like the heart shape photos on the wall I put up when I first got here.

But now its time to leave. Moving out tomorrow to my accommodation for my next few terms, and I'm actually really excited about it. Moving is always a great chance to get everything re-organized, and throw out all the useless stuff!

Packing is a painful job though. I had no idea I had so much stuff. Frankly I'm worried my new room won't have enough space for all of my stuff.... =(

Here's hoping a room as great as the one I have now (or even better!) is waiting for me!

Tired from packing,


Tuesday, June 18, 2013 |

Almost three months since my last blog post. Sometimes I think I'm just lost. I lost what I believed in, lost what I was proud of, and I lost myself all together.

Could it be the effect of being here in an unfamiliar country for too long? Could it be the lack of support from my beloved friends and family? Could it be.... the price you pay for growing up?

Around a month before I fly back to Malaysia, and I've never felt more eager to go home.

Your's truly,


Wednesday, March 27, 2013 |



肚子饿得发慌都得说声我吃饱了 吃得很好


回到家 就可以高谈阔论 说不停的话

心里的气闷压力 痛与伤 



2012 Recap

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 |

2012. How do I even start? A year, 12 months, 366 days. Every second of it molded me into the person I am today. There were times I wished I did better, times I regret, and times I wished had just been longer.

2012 started off great. I got my first iPhone 4s, which by that time was just released in Malaysia for a few weeks.

2012. I rushed to complete my final project, had a great MAD showcase and finished it with flying colors. We had no idea then, but it was actually our last good bye as we all went on our separate ways.

2012. I once again stepped on the land of England that I left 15 years ago. This time to visit my sister at Cardiff.

2012. I graduated from Segi College with a Diploma and a Best Student Award. 2 and a half years of hard work finally paid off.

2012. I turned 21. The birthday wasn't as glamorous as I wished it would be, but it actually couldn't have gone any better. I had my closest friends, my family and all the love I could get in the world. What more could a girl ask for?

2012. I got to an age where I could no longer act foolish and still remain a kid. True I would always remain a kid in heart, but as I grew older that kid gets smaller and smaller. Responsibilities came with maturity, and I already understood that since many years ago. I had to take charge of my own life from now on.

2012. I valued friendship more than anything. At certain points of your life you turn around and realize just how many people are standing behind you, being there for you at the lowest points of your life. They might not show it often, they might not even say it out in words, but when you need them, they're right by your side in a heartbeat.

I love them so much I don't even know how to express it.  Seriously I cannot imagine a life without them.

2012. I left my beloved country and flew off to a foreign country all by myself. I had no family and friends, and I knew no one. Sometimes I wonder where did I get the courage and strength to do such a thing. The 2009 wouldn't have done it. The 2010 me might have. The 2011 was still undecided, but the 2012 me was certain.

I had my struggles I had my worries, but it was the only opportunity I could ever get, and I wasn't about to let go of it and regret for the rest of my life. I always knew coming to Newcastle, UK would be a tipping point in my life. Three months here, and it already is.

2012. I tried my best to fit in. I tried my best to get use to all the new stuff. I tried my best to start over again. Everything fascinated me. Everything was a challenge and a reward at the same time.

2012. I grew up more than I ever did. I started to see things in life that I had never noticed before. My thoughts and belief changed as I went through the darkest moments of my life. There were times where I actually started to doubt myself, losing all confidence and faith I had in myself.

2012. I saw the light that would lead me to a newer, better me. I came through the low points and saw what I was capable of achieving. I saw my strengths and my weaknesses. I saw my good and my bad. I saw myself at the lowest, and I knew I could see myself at my best. And finally, I could believe again. I lost that bright smile, but I got it back.

2012. I chopped off my long hair just to make a statement. I did stuff I would never had done before. I became more outgoing, more social, less shy. I mingled with anyone and everyone, I smiled even when I had nothing to smile about.

2012. You gave me the strength, the power, the faith and the confidence to believe again. You made me feel like I've never felt before. You made me thank each and every one of my lucky star I am where I am now. This time, I could see far ahead.

2012. If you ask me, I really think this year was a challenge that god gave me, to see how far I could get. It didn't go smooth and it didn't go well, but looking back, everything seemed to happen for a reason. I love what I have learned, I love what I have gained, and most importantly I love what I have become.

Thank you to everyone who were at some point part of my 2012, you guys are what made my year.
Thank you to my three gang of wonderful friends, who I simply couldn't live without.
Thank you to my University gang, who I have spent the most festive days with, and who made these days not so lonely.
Thank you to the oppa, who stays by my side even though I ask you to go away almost once everyday. 
Thank you to my dear family far away at Malaysia, who let me feel safe knowing I will always have a home to go back to.
Thank you for this amazing year.

2012 was great, but I really hope 2013 will be better.

To a great year ahead!  *raises glass*

Happy New Year,

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