Merry Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 |

Handrawn Christmas card and handmade Christmas Trees. Budget!

Wishing everyone that reads this a Merry merry Christmas!

At UK every shop is closed during Christmas.. and the roads are literally empty! Kinda like being in a horror movie....

Its the first time I'm celebrating Christmas without family and friends, and truthfully saying its rather depressing. Miss bringing my mum to shopping centers and being amazed by the Christmas decorations, miss singing Christmas carols loudly in my own home, miss the small Christmas tree at my house if my mum is free enough to put it out... and I miss my Christmas hat as its too expensive and pointless to buy one here.

Oh well, tomorrow's boxing day....which means.... SHOPPING TIME!

Not really a white Christmas,

Early Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 23, 2012 |

Getting lazy to blog! OMG its been like what? 1 whole month since my last post. I guess I just lost the enthusiasm and motivation of blogging.....

Still, an update once in awhile is good.. so this one is about my early Christmas dinner, and my first ever Christmas dinner in the UK.  

14 December 2012, Saturday

I made Christmas trees outta paper cups and green paper. Just to get the atmosphere right. =)

We had our group Christmas dinner early since not everyone would be around during Christmas time. It was a potluck Christmas dinner, so everyone had to contribute something. And we also had a Secret Santa game where everyone had to prepare a present for a person we randomly picked earlier!

I prepared Watermelon Sago with Ying Hao!

The other food prepared...

I kept on saying this was a turkey... while in truth it was a roasted chicken. Nicely done by alvin!


The secret santa presents!

We actually had to open the presents and guess who was the person that gave it to us. And we really got all sorts of presents!

And ending our dinner with camwhore moments!



Its Christmas Eve tomorrow, then Christmas... and Boxing day after! Kinda excited to see how boxing day goes in UK. Heard that it gets rather hectic!

Then after that I'm off to London for a 5 day trip! Buckingham Palace and Big Ben I'm coming!


Let the fireworks..begin,

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