Halloween 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 |

Fluffy rabbit for the night!

31 October 2012, Wednesday

I actually celebrated my first Halloween ever at Newcastle with the crazy people here! First in a life time! We didn't really have things planned out earlier so its a relief we still had one hell of a night.

In the evening as the sky turned dark (yeah Newcastle turns dark at around 5,6pm now), we started getting ready. Girls and their makeup. Isk.

And the award of the best dress of the night... of course goes to the JOKER!

Clap clap for Ying Hao for actually going through with the idea!

As for us... we gals spent rather lot effort on the face makeup instead of the costume....

Some of the other costumes....


The two cat women!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson from the TV Series Sherlock

Little red riding hood!


Afterwards we just went from club to club, walking in the cold acting like stupids and taking random photos....


You certainly don't get this kind of Halloween at Malaysia. People will think you went siao.

Been enjoying two relaxing weeks so far... almost time to get back to assignments and stressful life...... but not before the Nottingham games this Saturday!

Until next time!

I can withstand cold more than I expected,

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