Life at Newcastle

Thursday, October 4, 2012 |

Been awhile since I last updated my blog. My last post was from the day before I left for UK. Can't believe its been 3 weeks since then already!!!

Been busy since the day I first arrived here. Adapting needs to be done for almost everything here. The weather, the people, the classes, the food, the drinks....

My dorm room before and after. The bed is super tiny and there's not enough cupboards, but its rather cosy and nice.

The view from my window. The bridge above the highway is the bridge that connects my university's west and east campus together.

Ate more western food these three weeks then all I ever had throughout my life. Not really a pro at cooking, so had some hard time messing around with ingredients and cooking materials... but I survived in my very own way... and of course always eating other people's cooking! =P

Weather can get really cold, and it gets worse as winter approaches. You can literally shiver and feel your teeth tremble when standing outside at night.

The half heart shape photos collage in my room. I miss them all. Life is never the same without them.

It ain't easy, but I've just gotta move on.

Welcome to this new life, and may the road ahead be smooth. Fingers crossed.

Love and kisses from UK,

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