21st Birthday Celebration [Part 2]

Saturday, August 18, 2012 |

15 July 2012, Sunday

The actual day of my 21st Birthday! I actually spend the morning and afternoon hunting for someone else's birthday present, no birthday feeling at all!

Spent the remaining day with my family, and we went to Daorae Korean BBQ for dinner.

Simple dinner with the family...


After I got home my gals suddenly showed up at my house. I was like waiting for them to come date me out that night, and I really didn't expect them to show up just like that.

And since they were there, we had the cutting cake ceremony together.

my gals!

With Wai Yan

With my mum and lil bro!

Simple day with a simple celebration! Next up is my One-day trip to Genting with my gals!

More photos on FB : link


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