21st BD Celebration [Part 1 - Plan B, Bangsar]

Saturday, August 4, 2012 |

14 July 2012, Saturday

The day started out rather simple, until I accidentally followed Sook to a Clinique event her company was involved in, and she got her hands on free tickets.

And somehow I was dragged into Sunway Lagoon, totally unprepared. I was literally in short jean pants!

Other than that it was a fun day, met some new people, had fun in the park that I hadn't visited for almost 3 years and got myself so wet..!!

We left lagoon around 6pm, and I had to rush home to prepare for my pre-birthday dinner with the college gang...Was so outta time I barely had time to perfect my makeup and do my hair!

Had dinner at Plan B, Bangsar Village. Their pastas were really good.. burger so so.

Such a coincidence we got the number 21 table!

With my pretty Shan ma!

 My meal of the day!

Meanwhile... the others got the birthday cake ready while I was tricked into going to the toilet with Shan.........

Spot my present at the bottom corner!

With my beloved college gang... 6 outta 9! Too bad Syeli, Carmen and Wei Fong weren't there with us..... 

They got me 21 small candles, which were not only hard to blow out, but also a fuss to bite out with my mouth one by one. Seriously, bite out!

I think I swallowed some ashes throughout the process....

Nice cake from RT Pastry!

And our usual way of eating a cake. Why bother cutting it?

21st year old present from my girls... A Swarovski charm bracelet! Along with a pink car!!! Totally adorable!

After that... it was photo time!

Acting as couple take 1

Acting as couple take 2

Acting as couple take 3!

Thanks so much to my lovely boyfriend-in-disguise, Sook for making this whole thing happen! Seriously I don't know how to begin showing my gratitude!

We had one hell of a night after leaving Bangsar Village, which included a crash-in into a private party at a fabulous banglow whom we had no idea who the host was....... but I'll leave that to be just our little memories of the night.

Time strikes 12, and I was officially 21! Had a great and memorable night, just as I hoped for! =)

I <3 my college gang, and I can't even start to imagine how much I will miss them when I'm gone....

You didn't miss a thing,

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