21st Birthday Celebration [Part 2]

Saturday, August 18, 2012 |

15 July 2012, Sunday

The actual day of my 21st Birthday! I actually spend the morning and afternoon hunting for someone else's birthday present, no birthday feeling at all!

Spent the remaining day with my family, and we went to Daorae Korean BBQ for dinner.

Simple dinner with the family...


After I got home my gals suddenly showed up at my house. I was like waiting for them to come date me out that night, and I really didn't expect them to show up just like that.

And since they were there, we had the cutting cake ceremony together.

my gals!

With Wai Yan

With my mum and lil bro!

Simple day with a simple celebration! Next up is my One-day trip to Genting with my gals!

More photos on FB : link


21st BD Celebration [Part 1 - Plan B, Bangsar]

Saturday, August 4, 2012 |

14 July 2012, Saturday

The day started out rather simple, until I accidentally followed Sook to a Clinique event her company was involved in, and she got her hands on free tickets.

And somehow I was dragged into Sunway Lagoon, totally unprepared. I was literally in short jean pants!

Other than that it was a fun day, met some new people, had fun in the park that I hadn't visited for almost 3 years and got myself so wet..!!

We left lagoon around 6pm, and I had to rush home to prepare for my pre-birthday dinner with the college gang...Was so outta time I barely had time to perfect my makeup and do my hair!

Had dinner at Plan B, Bangsar Village. Their pastas were really good.. burger so so.

Such a coincidence we got the number 21 table!

With my pretty Shan ma!

 My meal of the day!

Meanwhile... the others got the birthday cake ready while I was tricked into going to the toilet with Shan.........

Spot my present at the bottom corner!

With my beloved college gang... 6 outta 9! Too bad Syeli, Carmen and Wei Fong weren't there with us..... 

They got me 21 small candles, which were not only hard to blow out, but also a fuss to bite out with my mouth one by one. Seriously, bite out!

I think I swallowed some ashes throughout the process....

Nice cake from RT Pastry!

And our usual way of eating a cake. Why bother cutting it?

21st year old present from my girls... A Swarovski charm bracelet! Along with a pink car!!! Totally adorable!

After that... it was photo time!

Acting as couple take 1

Acting as couple take 2

Acting as couple take 3!

Thanks so much to my lovely boyfriend-in-disguise, Sook for making this whole thing happen! Seriously I don't know how to begin showing my gratitude!

We had one hell of a night after leaving Bangsar Village, which included a crash-in into a private party at a fabulous banglow whom we had no idea who the host was....... but I'll leave that to be just our little memories of the night.

Time strikes 12, and I was officially 21! Had a great and memorable night, just as I hoped for! =)

I <3 my college gang, and I can't even start to imagine how much I will miss them when I'm gone....

You didn't miss a thing,

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