Twenty One

Saturday, July 14, 2012 |

I'm offficially 21 years old. 

Just had one hell of a night, and I'm so tired right now, but this blog post is a must.


Twenty One. This used to be an important age because a lot of stuff were legal back in the old times the moment you turned 21.Eventually it became a monument of a journey of our lives.

The first twenty one years are the longest half of your life.

I wonder how true this quote is. Will the next twenty one years flash before my eyes like lightning and I'll suddenly look up and realise I'm 42? Seems like I'm talking way too far ahead of myself....

But I do believe that 21 starts a new chapter in your life. Some things remain while some things just have to go to make space for new stuff. The universe has everything planned out to be just the way they are.

I'm an adult now, not a kid anymore.

I can't always run home for shelter, I can't always have a pair of ears for my complains, I can't always have a pair of arms for safety and protection, I can't always hope for my parents to settle everything for me, I can't always have help when I need them.

Growing up is just about realizing how much responsibility you need to take up, whether its your own or others.

I already had 20 awesome years, with up and downs, with happiness and sorrow, but nevertheless I'm standing here facing the start of my 21, still feeling great about the years to come. Life has treated me well, and it always will.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the first 20 years of my life, and may you still be there for the next 20, 40, 60 years. 
Thank you to my parents and my family for always being there for me, and I walk forward knowing I always have a road to turn back.
Thank you to all my beloved friends that stick together with me at my worst and at my best. 
Thank you to all the wishes I got through all sorts of communication ways. 
Thank you myself, for being just me, and always staying true to that.

Happy 21st Birthday to myself. 

And all I wanted was a wish from you,

Diploma Graduation 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012 |

Diploma in Graphic Design
May '09- Feb '12

30 June 2012, Saturday

Seems like just yesterday I was stepping in to Segi College Subang Jaya for my orientation day, and now I've graduated! Time flies, really.

It was a huge day for all of us, and we'd been looking forward to this day ever since we finished our final showcase and got our results. Two and a half years of studying.. three years of waiting...

Our convocation was held at Segi's main campus at Kota Damansara. Me and Shan reached there around 830pm to come in sight with a whole lot of people. Apparently there were many many many others graduating together with us.

First things first was to wear our graduation gown! There were even people there to help us with it.

Grabbed a shot at the dressing room. Most of the people in the photo were people I met during my first few weeks in college, and all of them come from different courses. Old times.

I have no ARMS!

Afterwards we were hushed into the Auditorium A to wait and gather up with our respective course mates. And with all the free time there... of course it meant photo time!

Me, Wailing, Syeli
TK, Sam, Chermain, Mein Yee, Me and Wailing

Zac, Sook and Carmen
Sook, Me and faster-than-shutter-speed- Shan!

My cutest yeobo Syeli Ting!

And this teaches you to never miss a photo opportunity!

Got a great news early that morning. Something I've kinda been hoping for since last year.

I got the Best Student Award!!! It's an award that is given out to a student from each faculty that manages to get the highest CGPA. With no earlier notice, I didn't think I would get that award... but I did!

Two and a half years of stressed out moments... worth it!


At around 1030am we all moved from the auditorium to the main hall.

Colorful line!

The booklet of the event

Inside the hall. 

The whole ceremony took quite a long time, and it got rather boring after we got our diploma awards and had to sit there and wait for all the other graduates to line up and go on stage one by one. Eventually, people started to sneak out of the hall.

And in the end, I was the only one among our gang left inside the hall, waiting patiently for my second turn on stage to get that one special award. It felt really frustrated, a little big angry and even a little bit lonely, knowing that the people that cared the most throughout these two years of my life weren't here to see it.

But trust the universe to have everything planned out for me. As I stood in line by the stage, waiting for my name to be called out, there they all came running in from the far end of the hall, one by one sneaking back into the crowd to their seats, with these really flushed looks on their faces.

It was a weird scene, and also a weird feeling, but I was really touched, and at the same time relieved. Like something heavy was held off my shoulders and the sun could suddenly shine upon me. At just that one moment so many emotions gushed up inside me, and I actually felt my eyes getting watery....

Good thing I didn't cry though. Cause next minute I knew, I was on the stage getting my award. How stupid would it look in the photos if I had a red nose and ruined makeup?

And so ended the ceremony in the hall, we lined up to get out of the hall, but with the long staircase at the entrance, there was a great deal of waiting while exiting.

People Mountain People Sea!!


After the ceremony everyone gathered outside for lunch, but for us.. it was PHOTO TIME!

With my parents!

With my lil bro!

Table full of bouquets!

With the <3s

With my dear yeobo!!

With my all time college gang, and Richard!

Should dedicate one blog post just for them, as a final full stop for this part of our life together. But that would have to wait till I'm more free....I'm foreseeing a really really emotional long post.....

Also a HUGE THANKS to my dear friends, Fen, Mian, Yaw, Piang and Kai Wei for coming to my graduation! I didn't really expect them to go through all the trouble to come so far, let alone buy me two amazing flower bouquets!

I have the BEST of all friends ever!


Didn't get to take pictures with so many people that day, some I forgot, some I just didn't get the chance to find them among all the people that day. If I could go back to that day and do it all over again, I'd definitely find each and one of my friends, and take solo pics with all of them!

It was still a great day, and a memorable day that I might even tell my grandchildren about!

Stepping off one stage of my life, and moving on to the next one and all the upcoming ones....

Happy Graduation to me! I have a diploma now! =) 

More photos at : FB Album

Thank you for the amazing day,

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