I'm back!

Saturday, June 2, 2012 |

I AM OFFICIALLY BACK! Nay-a-holic is back in business!

Took some time off from blogging and from my life, and honestly I can really say I did a lot of growing up in the past month. I'm back to the old me, the one that thinks a lot about phenomenas, and situations, and social relationships; the one that loves the swing at the playground; the one that takes blogging seriously.

Life can be easy or it can be hard, it just depends on how you choose to handle it. I had one great lesson about life, and I grateful for that.

Working hard on editing my UK trip photos now, planning to blog about it soon! Must be like more than 200 photos in the folder waiting for me to choose. Meanwhile I will update regularly and try to not postpone blog posts anymore!

Sometimes I wonder if I actually have any loyal readers that read my blog regularly, but who cares? I blog for myself and for future me to read. That's one loyal reader already.  =)

Loads of exciting stuff happened, are happening and will happen soon, so stay tuned!

Believe and it will come true,

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