Cardiff, UK Trip [Part 2-St. Fagans National Musuem]

Saturday, June 16, 2012 |

11 March 2012, Sunday

Our second day at Cardiff. Woke up pretty early as we were somehow still on Malaysia time. We slept at around 9pm and woke up at 5am to the sound of the seagulls outside.

Decided to go experience the Sunday Garage Sale, and it was a long long distance from our hotel. And we walked there! Must have been like 2 or 3 kilometers!

Stopping on the way for photos....

The people here have the cutest, and safest houses ever! Their windows are like huge and waist level, and without curtains you can see everything they have inside. Short fences and no gates. The security must be really good here, and they have too less thieves.

And BMWs and Audis seen wherever we go

The garage sale was something like a huge space where people bring stuff they have no use of anymore to sell. And they sold them pretty cheap. In fact, there was no specific amount, the sellers just looked and what you wanted to buy and gave you a price.

On the way back to the hotel we bought my sister to go eat Chinese Food at a Chinese restaurant we passed by. The food was more Hong Kong style, and Chinese food was quite expensive there.

Sis and Mum

After that my sister went back to her University hall and mum and I did some sight seeing around Cardiff's city center.

Wonder where this stairs leads to....

Oh its the public toilet!


12 March 2012, Monday

The sister had classes on weekdays, so it was just the two of us starting now. This day we headed down to St. Fagans National History Museum, which was a small distance away from Cardiff, so we took the bus.

The bus driver was really lively and friendly, and he helped us a lot when we got lost and had no idea where to stop.

The St. Fagans National History Museum is an open air museum, meaning its indoors as well as outdoors, and original buildings from different historical periods are re-erected in it. It explores all aspects of how people in Wales have lived, worked and spent their leisure time back in the history.

Really liked the concept of the Love spoon, which was a culture of the Welsh (Wales people). I even bought one of the love spoons myself! Gonna give it to that special someone when he appears. What a unique gift would that be. =)

At the indoor museum looking at the traditional Welsh clothes.

And heading outside in the harsh harsh weather...

Fishing houses

Sugar Mice!

Took us around three hours to finish walking through the whole area. And then we headed to the souvenir shop.

Cutest sheep illlustrations ever!

And they are actually.. SHEEP POO PAPER! Yes. For real.

Waiting for the Bus to get back to Cardiff!


It was still early evening when we got back to Cardiff, so while we were trying to figure out what to have for lunch, we dropped by the Farmer's Market and bought some food, along with microwave food, and decided to go to my sister's flat where there would be a microwave to use. (The hotel did not provide a microwave, all we had was hot water)

And we bought strawberries! The strawberries in Malaysia can't even compare!

See how huge they are?

This is how large a student flat room is at UK. Most accommodations at their universities are more or less around this size. Small bed, a table, some shelves, a heater, a cupboard, a mirror, and since my sister had an en-suite room, a toilet.

And so ended the third day at Cardiff. Next post is my day trip to Bath, one of the oldest cities in England!

To be continued...
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With love and gratitude,

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