Cardiff, UK Trip [Part 1]

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Super long ago post!! Zillion apologies!

9 March 2012, Friday

Someday way back in 2011, my mum suddenly wanted to go visit my sister, who was doing her law degree at Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. As for me, I wanted to use this trip as an early experience so I wouldn't be so intimidated when it was my turn. So, we bought plane tickets, and prepared to fly there in March during the school holidays.

I had been looking forward for this trip since I finished my diploma studies, as I was on holiday and I had nothing better to look forward to anyway. Yay for me!

We were only going for about a week's time, so I didn't have to pack too much. But it was still early spring at UK, so the weather could be quite harsh. "Quite" was a term I thought could be used to describe it back before I actually stepped foot on that ground, but boy was I wrong.

Our plane left on a Friday night, and we went to the airport in the evening. It was hard to imagine how it would be on a 7 hours plane ride. We had to transit at Abu Dahbi, and take another 6 hours flight before we could get to London.

On the shuttle train to the Satellite Tower, KLIA

At the boarding gate...

Was planning to sleep the whole journey, so I was in pajamas and my most natural attire. I know its a huge difference from what I use to look, but I'm not really ashamed about it. =)

Mummy with our hand luggage

We were flying with Etihad Airlines, which was an airlines from Abu Dahbi. The service was quite good and every customer got their own small TV in front of their seat filled with all sorts of movies and dramas! I spent most of the flight sleeping and watching "The Secret Circle" and "New Girl". A bit lack of leg space, but that seems to be a bit too much to ask for in Economy class.

And the food was splendid! Everyone keeps telling you that plane food suck to the max, but Etihad's food really changed my perspective! Sure some of the food were cold, and I wasn't a fan of biscuits, but they gave you around 3 choices to choose from, and everything was rather tasty!

The only downside was... I thought the mini TV on the plane could allow me to put in my own pendrive and watch movies of my own choice. But it turned out to be only a slot for you to charge your Phone or iPad or other devices. We weren't even allow to open our laptops!


From Malaysia to Abu Dahbi

After 7 hours we reached Abu Dahbi International Airport. And then we had to wait around 3 hours to get on our other flight. I thought 3 hours would take a lot of time, but turns out that getting off the plane and going through all the doors and stairs take up more time then you think.

It's the smoking area! Cool huh?

Abu Dahbi International Airport had a small waiting area with a great interior. And their Mcdonals was freaking expensive. Actually, everywhere I've been have expensive prices for Mcdonals meals. Malaysia's Lunch time special price (RM6.95 for Chicken McNuggets, which is normally what I eat) still remains the lowest price I have ever seen to be offered! You just gotta love Malaysia <3

By this time it was around 11pm Abu Dahbi time, and around 4am Malaysia time. I had only slept 4 hours on the plane, since I kept getting woken up to eat and drink, and was in a seriously lack of sleep condition. I didn't even dare to look at my face in the mirror. Must have looked horrible. 

Boarding pass!

6 minutes to get to the boarding gate. Seriously.

We went on the plane at around 1:40am Abu Dahbi time, and luckily this time we got the seats next to the windows! I checked in for the flights earlier that day using the online check-in system, but the first flight was so packed I could not change our seats to the window seats! Window seats are much better as you get much more space to put your legs, and you get to lean on the window while you sleep.

There were so few people on this flight that some people just pushed up the dividers in between seats, and slept horizontally on all four of the seats. Like a boss!

Abu Dahbi Night scene!

Wrapped myself into the blankets the plane provided, and slept soundly as the plane passed through yet another time zone. I think I actually got younger! Malaysia and UK has an 8 hour difference, and I was flying in the opposite direction of the earth orbiting, moving to an earlier timezone, so... actually I don't know how to explain it either. =P

This just proves any photo taken from the window of a plane is AWESOME!

Woke up to what felt like the next day, and a bright sun out of the window.  Breakfast was served, and the omelette won the best meal of my day, seeing that all I had was plane food.

By this time I was bored with sitting in the same old seat already, and I had finished most of the movies in the TV that interested me... I was anxious to get off the plane..

...And set foot on a place I had once been 15 years ago. The United Kingdoms.


It felt like forever to land the plane, and even longer to get throught the UK border.

Long line up!

But finally..we arrived at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4. And the weather outside almost killed me. It was way way way way colder than I had expected it to be, and everytime the wind blew pass me I literally shivered. The temperature that time should have been 8 or 9 degree celcius.

Our first meal at UK. Breakfast at Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee seems to be a popular coffee shop that can be seen everywhere. Starbucks isn't that common around there, I guess.

And life is so much easier in UK if you don't need to times 5 to every penny you pay. ( GBP 6 x RM5 = RM30)

Cute Taxi car we saw while waiting for the bus.

After that we got on the Bus to Cardiff, Wales. UK is made up of Wales, Britain and Scotland, while Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, so it's considered a large city. And from London to Cardiff, the bus trip took 3 hours 55 minutes.

Tolls in UK! The arrows are really huge!

So basically with the 14 hours plane flight, and the 3 hour transit at Abu Dahbi, along with the 4 hours bus ride... it took us almost 24 hours to get to Cardiff from Malaysia. One whole day. Amazing.

But we got there safe and sound, met up with my sister and straight away crashed into the hotel room my sister already pre-booked for us, and started our UK trip...

To be continued...
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Photos from my FB Album (link)

10741.68km away (used to be),

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