Cardiff, UK Trip [Part 4]

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14 March 2012, Wednesday

Fourth day at Cardiff, and we stayed at the city area since my sister had only classes in the morning and we could spend some time with her after.

Early in the morning mum and I took a walk around the Cardiff Musuem.

The museum was just like any usual museum, with a little bit more interesting things to watch and explore. They were having the "Queen's Photos Exhibition" while were there, which showed a series of photos of Queen Elizabeth throughout her life. Too bad no photos were allowed.

I'm touching the oldest rock in the world!

Say Hi!


UK's Maggie Mee look weird....

Headed back to the hotel for lunch after that, met up with my sister, and we took a walk to Cardiff Castle, which happened to be right in the center of the city.

Once again we were given the audio guide to listen to. Quite a convenient thing that provided enough information for tourists.

The sister!

Only picture of me and mum throughout the whole trip! Behind us is the main castle.

The Royal are wealthy people!

Having a nice sister-sister moment!

15 March 2012, Thursday

Spend this whole day shopping around Cardiff, and spending time with my sister. Most brands are much more cheaper in UK, and their fashion is like two months ahead of Malaysia! Also we had to buy souvenirs!

I bought like a few dresses, some jewelry, and a pair of boots! The boots were like only RM50, such a bargain for good quality! 

Cute stuff everywhere!

16 March 2012, Friday

Last day at UK!

Sky isn't even bright yet><

Had to wake up early in the morning to get an early bus ride to London. Once again it was a 3-hours trip where our butt never left the seat. It was harder to sleep during the ride, since, well, we just woke up.

Heathrow Aiport, London

 We got stuck here for quite some time, since mum packed the jam we bought in our hand luggage, and we did not know that jam was considered as a liquid item, so we didn't put it separately in the other plastic bag. We had to wait for someone to come look through our luggage and check to see what triggered the alarm.

The security were so strict, I even had to take off my boots and go through it bare footed! Good thing we were three hours early!

Etihad again!

Somehow the trip back home was rather unbearable for me. Could have been the leg space, could have been because I couldn't change our seats to window seats, or just the fact that I wasn't in my pyjamas this time.

By the time we flew pass India I wanted to scream and kick my legs and arms as much as I could. They felt so stiff, and the guy sitting next to me wasn't really a small sized person.

But the food was still great. And I had a lot of sitcoms and US dramas to get me through.


Had breakfast sometime around midnight @@

Since we were flying back to Malaysia, and moving through time zones, by the time we got back to Malaysia, despite it being only a 14 hour flight, it was already Saturday evening Malaysia time.

And there we were, back to Malaysia safely. An eight-day trip that was an eye-opening experience. It was great to experience the different weather of another country, and Cardiff was a more greener city with less high building and more parks and plants.

Traveling is fun. =)

The END!
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Photos from my FB Album : (link)

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Cardiff, UK Trip [Part 3-Bath,England]

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13 March 2012, Tuesday

Woke up super early to catch an early train to Bath, England. Bath is the name of a city in the south west of England, 156km away from London. It was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1987 (Just like our Penang, which is also a world heritage site.)

So basically, that meant that the city has a very long history that traces way back. 

Cardiff Central!

Inside the train.. the table was in the middle where the seats met.

Took us one hour by train to get from Cardiff to Bath. And... Bath was amazing! Unlike Cardiff's modern city look, Bath was really old-looking, and the scenary were really awesome!

Bath Abbey!

Cute shop window!

First we went to visit the famous Roman Bath. It was a well preserved Roman site containing a temple and a bathing complex, which held the only hot springs in England.

Hot Springs!

The location of hot water springs inside the complex.

Since it was the main attraction of the city, there were loads of visitors as early as we were. We were given these audio guides that helped explained every detail in the musuem, temples and the hot springs. 

Me with an audio guide! It's something like an old style walkie-talkie...

You can see the steam of the hot water! No idea how hot it is!

Resemblences of the Roman people back in the old times, in the same clothes.


Next stop was The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, commonly known as Bath Abbey.
It was a church with beautiful stained glasses and a wonderful architecture.

Stained glass


We had lunch at the oldest house in Bath, the Sally Lunn's House, which was famous for it's Sally Lunn Bun.

The Menu of the House.

Chicken Sandwich, with half a Sally Lunn Bun.


Public transport would actually cost us a lot there, so we spent the whole day walking around Bath's City Center from place to place.

The weather was quite cold that day (around 10 degree celcius) and the sky was rather gloomy so getting all sweaty wasn't really a problem. Besides, walking around gave us more time to appreciate the view and scenary!


Stopped at the Postal Musuem on our way to the further north part of the city. The musuem showed a lot of the history of post office services and letters, and also the post box!

Imepersonating some old post master guy....

Look alike? O.o


The Fashion Musuem of Bath was way up north of the city and a rather long journey to walk to. But it was really worth it. The musuem showed the history of fashion, clothes, hats, accessories, shoes...etc etc. And there weren't just old traditional Western attires,  but also modern current models from big names like Louis Vitton, Gucci, Calvin Klien..!

Trying on some of the clothes (okay just the hat)!

The changes in dresses of UK women was rather fasinating! From Kashmir and Paisley woollen shawls to crochet trimmed cotton drawers and camisoles. And all the dresses and shoes there were actual dresses, shared by the people who had worn them before!

We then went to see a demonstration of glass blowing. Glass blowing was a glassforming technique with the aid of a blowing stick.

Forms something like this....

An audience trying it out himself!


Our next stop was actually the Jane Auston Centre, where the well known author of "Pride and Prejiduce" lived for a period of time, and it showed how that experience had effected her writing and publications.

Too bad the tours around the Centre were fully booked for the day, so we ended up just walking around the area, waiting for time to pass before we could hop on the train back to Cardiff.

Bikes are a common public transport!

Around evening time the temperature suddenly dropped and I was shivering as I walked. Once again I had underestimated the cold weather of England, and even with three clothes on it still wasn't enough.

Wrapped up because I was soooooo cold!
Bath Central

And our ticket back to Cardiff!

And so ended our Day 4 at Cardiff. After that day we cut off our sight seeing and stayed mostly around the Cardiff City Center.

To be continued...
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Photos from my FB Album : (link) 


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