bon voyage

Thursday, March 8, 2012 |

Flying off to Cardiff, UK to visit my sister there today (later at night) with my mum! Soooooooooo excited!

And it's still winter season there so I'm packing to go like an ONION. Layers, layers and layers. Packing isn't an easy job, and I tend to bring much much more than I need.

Good practice before I go there myself this September. Get to know the culture, know what I can buy and can't buy there, and face upright with the cruel weather.

Last time I was on a plane I was Form 4, and that's 5 years ago! Been worried about airport check ins, liquid regulation rules, whether we changed enough pound to survive the week.... And frankly, I'm a bit worried the plane will crash halfway like you see in movies.

I'll will be back on the 17th of March Malaysia time, and hopefully by then I'll have the mood to catch up with all the blog posts I've been meaning to finish. A one week plus trip would surely add a load to the waiting list!

Untill then....bon voyage to myself!

(There will be wifi there.. so I'm not completely cut off from any news or communication back here in Malaysia. Tweet me or FB me! )

UK here I come,

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