January 2012 Photos

Saturday, March 24, 2012 |

Yup. This is one lazy blog post. I know it's the end of March already. I know I haven't updated my blog in almost a month. I know I'm a lazy bum that has so much else to get busy with. =3=

*hides in corner*

Anyway, back to topic! As usual, my monthly photos update! January marks the month of getting my baby iPhone 4... and so comes along Instagram! Do follow me if you have an account, username : shanayxw

That explains the filters and all the squared size pictures. =)

First pic ever taken with the new baby! 8MP is amazing!

Witnessing a grand proposal @ Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink. It started with all these people handing out love-shaped balloons to the people in the Ice Rink, then suddenly everyone starts forming a small circle in the middle, circling the bride-to-be. And then the Groom-to-be comes out, and the normal procedure of a proposal goes on.

And nevertheless, the bride-to-be cried, as usual. Romantic gestures never fail to win a women's heart.

Cutting my hair! All I ever do is change my fringe length, make the hair less thick and shorten the ends like half an inch. Serious. Cut like no cut.

First every starker experience @ Overtime, Cheras Selatan. I was there for Piang's 21st Birthday Celebration, and frankly I did not know her other friends quite well. So sit quietly, act like a good girl and drink drink drink. =P

The birthday girl and her green tea cake! Such a nice cake =)

Two things I had wanted since the day I started reading the Japanese Magazine, Popteen. RMK Liquid Foundation and Mac Fluidline Gel Eyeliner. Cost me a fortune, and together with my Makeup Forever Primer, they stand a special place on my makeup stand, since they cost so much more compared to the others. It's like royalty among peasants!

If you noticed my photos during CNY and a little while after, you'll see that I wore this necklace in almost ALL my self-shot photos.

This is one sad case. I lost this necklace sometime around mid February. The Eiffel Tower part just fell off with the necklace still around my neck. And the ribbon got loose and fell off too. I only manged to find the ribbon. T_T

Pity. It was such a pretty necklace.

Sook gave me and Shan each a same hair clip with different colors for Valentines Days. Too bad I lost this also, felt so bad about it. I keep losing accessories...WHY?

@Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. Tamago Mentai : a must eat sushi!!! Whenever me and my college gang go there we always order so many that when they come they form one long line on the plate. The sauce on top is really really nice!

Naked face me. No makeup no lens no photoshop no liquify no shading. Just plain me.

I never really had much confidence in my naked face, especially since my skin condition isn't really presentable. But it is much better now, which is why I can finally post such a true photo after so many years.

The more makeup you put on the more you feel like you need to hide your real self. That is extremely true.

Ending with a yummy photo! This is just how I always cook my maggie mee : 3-4 sausages, some fu zhuk, 2 eggs, one pack of maggie mee and 3/4 pack of the seasoning. Best for a late night meal!


Next post would take some time to give birth to, since I haven't actually looked through my MAD Showcase photos, let alone edit any of them. There might be around 100++ photos laying low in that folder of mine.

Also I'm rushing to complete my degree application now, and hopefully I can get it done before April starts. Compared to other big countries, Malaysia's higher education applications are so easy to get through. 

I need helpppppp,

bon voyage

Thursday, March 8, 2012 |

Flying off to Cardiff, UK to visit my sister there today (later at night) with my mum! Soooooooooo excited!

And it's still winter season there so I'm packing to go like an ONION. Layers, layers and layers. Packing isn't an easy job, and I tend to bring much much more than I need.

Good practice before I go there myself this September. Get to know the culture, know what I can buy and can't buy there, and face upright with the cruel weather.

Last time I was on a plane I was Form 4, and that's 5 years ago! Been worried about airport check ins, liquid regulation rules, whether we changed enough pound to survive the week.... And frankly, I'm a bit worried the plane will crash halfway like you see in movies.

I'll will be back on the 17th of March Malaysia time, and hopefully by then I'll have the mood to catch up with all the blog posts I've been meaning to finish. A one week plus trip would surely add a load to the waiting list!

Untill then....bon voyage to myself!

(There will be wifi there.. so I'm not completely cut off from any news or communication back here in Malaysia. Tweet me or FB me! )

UK here I come,

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