Wei Fong's not so sweet 21st

Sunday, February 19, 2012 |

3 January 2012, Tuesday

Actually Wei Fong's birthday was on the 28th of December, so by the year 2012 he was supposed to be 22 years old already. But that's just the downside of having a VERY late birthday.

And since due to certain circumstances we weren't able to celebrate his birthday while it was still year 2011, the whole celebration was postponed to the start of 2012.

 A small celebration with just the 5 of us at Baskin Robin, Taipan.

Birthday boy!

I always say the photos I take for him are so nice they always end up being his facebook profile picture for a small period of time. =)

Just as a proof...

Photos took throughout these two and a half years. If this were Zac's birthday post I'd definitely have more than 6  photos to show. The guys in my college gang are so much more sensitive to camera compared to the girls.

Anyway..back to the celebration.

One small ice-cream cake with 3 candles, 2 big and 1 small.

The cake was really delicious!! But very hard to slice open.

Doesn't seem really fancy for a 21st birthday celebration, guess we owe the poor guy another grand one. This year, perhaps? Last year's one was great though.Click to read it here.

Happy Birthday to the guy that's 199 days older than me!

B-day rocks,

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