CNY 2012 [Ep2: Johor Trip]

Monday, February 27, 2012 |

24 January 2012, Tuesday

Second day of CNY and my whole family, along with my aunt and uncle's went down to Johor Bahru to visit my youngest aunt.

Funny dad on the car before departing

Johor was so so so far away from Seri Kembangan. >< And there were so many cars on the highway that half the road was spent in the traffic jam.

Worst part was I was still sick, and the flu was getting serious.

Reddy Red Nose

25 January 2012, Wednesday

Since we were at Johor already, of cause we couldn't miss the chance to visit the newest IN place there, Premium Outlets Johor.

Wasn't really used to the layout of the outlets being separated and connected from each others by corridors and pathways. Really different from shopping centers in KL where everything is in one huge building. And it was particularly hot that day. Not really a breeze walking around.

The prices there weren't a huge difference from those at KL, but still we managed to get a good bargain for something....

One 3cc size nike sports shoe for the 6 months baby!

I always say, everything that is small sized is CUTE!

Babies too.. cause they're smaller size too!


Kong Ming Deng!

And it was night after night of gambling before we went home on Thursday.

Heading back to Kay-elle!

Chor 2 to chor 4 down.. 4 more days to go! =)

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