CNY 2012 [Ep1: Traditions]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 |

22 January 2012, Sunday

This year's CNY wasn't as joyful as the previous years. I dreaded the fact that I had my final showcase right after CNY, and my final project was bugging my mind EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Not to mention I was sick for the whole time.

But somehow I still found time to paint my nails, all the while whining about lack of time. Turns out making dots on your nails is actually quite easy using a bobby pin. Not exactly perfect, but I doubt anyone would see your nails at a close distance.

As usual, Chinese New Year Eve was all about rituals and ceremonies.



My cousins even bought a 鞭炮, and man was the sound ear-breaking! With so many cases of firework tradegy, we really should be more careful when handling these stuff.

And of course, when there's a huge family gathering, the main focus will always be the youngest member! This year we have my little niece 晴晴!

She's a pro with the innocent eyes!

Right after this CNY ended she went into hospital for lung infection. Poor girl! But more on that later.


23 January 2012, Monday

First angapu from my dad. Seriously I was so shocked when I felt the thickness of it. For one split second there I though it was a stack of RM10s. Could you imagine how much RM10 there could be in such a thick stack?

But... frankly, WHO GIVES THEIR DAUGTHER A STACK (okay, 100 of them) OF RM1s???? ==

*clang clang clang* yah, that's the sound of my hope of RM1k shattering. Perhaps I should thank the government for not making 50sen into bank notes, or my hilarious dad might just give me one hundred 50 sens.

So... it was the first day of Chinese New Year, and my family's chor yi ritual is to go sing karaoke. At least that's me and my cousin's ritual.

Green Box Jusco Bukit Tinggi it was!

We are happy family!

To be continued....Don't forget that Chinese New Year has 15 days!

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Gong Xi Fa Chai,

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