CNY 2012 [Ep3: Food, food & food]

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 |

27 January 2012, Friday

Seriously CNY is about food, food and still food. You eat and eat and eat untill you forget how much you have ate and come to regret it. Good thing this year I was so sick I stayed away from most food.

So on Chor 5 when I was finally free from family activities, I went out for our own reunion lunch with my girls.Too bad Mark and Kai Wei weren't able to attend.

We went to Daorae Koren BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Petaling. Been to this restaurant for dunno how many times already but I still love the food!

Side dishes!

No matter what you all tell me I still think this is just plain maggie mee.

Frying beef

A plate I really enjoy...but i forgot the name ><

a mess after we finished!

Was planning to go house by house to "bai nian" that day, but too bad the plan fell apart. ><

Easy and simple is the best. =)


28 January 2012, Saturday

My eldest uncle treated us for dinner at V Garden Restaurant, Klang. We were here last year also, and man was it packed with people!

Meanwhile throughout the whole CNY I had been mentioning that I would really like to wear a Cheongsam during this time of the year, but since CNY was almost over by then I kept saying next year next year, knowing well deep down that I wouldn't be in Malaysia next year this time for CNY anyway.

But guess aunt actually gave me a cheongsam!

Got so excited I changed into it straight away. Face the fact, it was chor 8 already and the second last day of school holidays, so there was like zero chance I would be able to wear it anymore, so might as well wear it on then.

When you wear a Cheongsam when it's not Chinese New Year period it just seems weird.

So back to the dinner... now that I was in a cheongsam I had to control my food intake to prevent the small tummy from popping out.

Spot the HUGE chopsticks next to the original sized one! Used for "lao sang" but perfectly useful for other plates also. I'm sure all of us hate having to stand up to get a plate that is so far away from you while sitting at the round table.

Compliment from my uncle! I still prefer Chivas.

The cousins!

And one last photo of me in a cheongsam! Not likely to wear it untill next year CNY!

And that's a wrap for my CNY posts. It's 29th of Feb today, and while being the special leap year day it is, it also shows how back behind I am on my blog posts.

Coming up soon are my January photos wrap,  Final showcase post, Genting 2.0 with the college gang post, Febuary photos wrap, 1st nail art experience post and perhaps or perhaps not Mist Club post. 

Reminder to self : Be a better blogger and take more photos for record purpose!!

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Bite bite crunch crunch swallow,

CNY 2012 [Ep2: Johor Trip]

Monday, February 27, 2012 |

24 January 2012, Tuesday

Second day of CNY and my whole family, along with my aunt and uncle's went down to Johor Bahru to visit my youngest aunt.

Funny dad on the car before departing

Johor was so so so far away from Seri Kembangan. >< And there were so many cars on the highway that half the road was spent in the traffic jam.

Worst part was I was still sick, and the flu was getting serious.

Reddy Red Nose

25 January 2012, Wednesday

Since we were at Johor already, of cause we couldn't miss the chance to visit the newest IN place there, Premium Outlets Johor.

Wasn't really used to the layout of the outlets being separated and connected from each others by corridors and pathways. Really different from shopping centers in KL where everything is in one huge building. And it was particularly hot that day. Not really a breeze walking around.

The prices there weren't a huge difference from those at KL, but still we managed to get a good bargain for something....

One 3cc size nike sports shoe for the 6 months baby!

I always say, everything that is small sized is CUTE!

Babies too.. cause they're smaller size too!


Kong Ming Deng!

And it was night after night of gambling before we went home on Thursday.

Heading back to Kay-elle!

Chor 2 to chor 4 down.. 4 more days to go! =)

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Photos VS Text,

CNY 2012 [Ep1: Traditions]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 |

22 January 2012, Sunday

This year's CNY wasn't as joyful as the previous years. I dreaded the fact that I had my final showcase right after CNY, and my final project was bugging my mind EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Not to mention I was sick for the whole time.

But somehow I still found time to paint my nails, all the while whining about lack of time. Turns out making dots on your nails is actually quite easy using a bobby pin. Not exactly perfect, but I doubt anyone would see your nails at a close distance.

As usual, Chinese New Year Eve was all about rituals and ceremonies.



My cousins even bought a 鞭炮, and man was the sound ear-breaking! With so many cases of firework tradegy, we really should be more careful when handling these stuff.

And of course, when there's a huge family gathering, the main focus will always be the youngest member! This year we have my little niece 晴晴!

She's a pro with the innocent eyes!

Right after this CNY ended she went into hospital for lung infection. Poor girl! But more on that later.


23 January 2012, Monday

First angapu from my dad. Seriously I was so shocked when I felt the thickness of it. For one split second there I though it was a stack of RM10s. Could you imagine how much RM10 there could be in such a thick stack?

But... frankly, WHO GIVES THEIR DAUGTHER A STACK (okay, 100 of them) OF RM1s???? ==

*clang clang clang* yah, that's the sound of my hope of RM1k shattering. Perhaps I should thank the government for not making 50sen into bank notes, or my hilarious dad might just give me one hundred 50 sens.

So... it was the first day of Chinese New Year, and my family's chor yi ritual is to go sing karaoke. At least that's me and my cousin's ritual.

Green Box Jusco Bukit Tinggi it was!

We are happy family!

To be continued....Don't forget that Chinese New Year has 15 days!

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Gong Xi Fa Chai,

Wei Fong's not so sweet 21st

Sunday, February 19, 2012 |

3 January 2012, Tuesday

Actually Wei Fong's birthday was on the 28th of December, so by the year 2012 he was supposed to be 22 years old already. But that's just the downside of having a VERY late birthday.

And since due to certain circumstances we weren't able to celebrate his birthday while it was still year 2011, the whole celebration was postponed to the start of 2012.

 A small celebration with just the 5 of us at Baskin Robin, Taipan.

Birthday boy!

I always say the photos I take for him are so nice they always end up being his facebook profile picture for a small period of time. =)

Just as a proof...

Photos took throughout these two and a half years. If this were Zac's birthday post I'd definitely have more than 6  photos to show. The guys in my college gang are so much more sensitive to camera compared to the girls.

Anyway..back to the celebration.

One small ice-cream cake with 3 candles, 2 big and 1 small.

The cake was really delicious!! But very hard to slice open.

Doesn't seem really fancy for a 21st birthday celebration, guess we owe the poor guy another grand one. This year, perhaps? Last year's one was great though.Click to read it here.

Happy Birthday to the guy that's 199 days older than me!

B-day rocks,

MAD Showcase 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012 |

I've been MIA for quite while! Since before CNY apparently. Been busy with my final project and showcase, and now it's finally 95% done!!

The remaining 5% is the Final Showcase, which is what I'm blogging about now.

Welcome.. to the final showcase of Segi College Feb 2012 final year Media, Art and Design students!

It's at Urban Village, Bangsar which is quite near the Bangsar LRT station, this weekend (11 - 12 Feb) from 10am to 6pm.

More than 80 students are participating in this showcase, and there are a lot of different types of design work being showcased ranging from photography, graphic design to videography.

And best of all, you'll get to see my final project! (And see me if you want to. xD)

For the record I spent the last 8 days sleeping at 3am, waking at 9am, and more than 2 months of continous hard work before that. My whole CNY was like a series of guilt every night as I lay on my bed, thinking about how I wasted another day and how much more I needed to complete.

So imagine how much effort was put into this project. More than 30 different designs in all kinds of form. Don't even get me started on the printing and how much it cost me. And that's not just me, but all my coursemates that putted everything they could into finishing this last project of our diploma life.

And it'll be such a waste to not come and see such effort and the end result of it!!! There'll also be refreshments and performances to enjoy!

 A sneak peak of my showcase project to end this post....


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