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Thursday, January 12, 2012 |

This blog post is a bit late due to the havoc of Christmas and New Year's Eve and New Year, but nevertheless December post is still up now!


My poor brother that had no keys to open the door. Forced to sit on the ground and wait for us to come save him! Hilarious!

With my finals here, I really need all the inspiration and motivation I can get. Sadly those aren't always available. I'm stuck now also ><

Blackberry won't allow me to rotate photos when I upload them, and Blogger won't let me rotate them as well. So.... the photo would be easier understood if you turn your head 90 degrees anti clockwise.

These are PART of my sister's comic book/anime collections. We have the popular ones (Naruto, Detective Conan, Bleach..etc etv) and also a lot of not so popular ones and many that are not easy to find in the market already. Added up they might worth more than thousands!

These are what designers call color chart. Had to buy one due to the offset color caused by my computer screen. Orange and Red get mixed up during printing all the time!

A gross picture of an ice-cream red bean potong stick. This photo was taken before I started eating it, and as you can see...the stick is like effing short! The other huge half of it was stuck insde the ice-cream stick! I had to use the tip of my two fingers to grab hold of it, eat it, and lick the melting sides at the same time!

Yup, the cute Viva is mine. Amazed by my parking skill? Try it next time when you visit One Utama Shopping Centre. New Wing parking lot highest floor.

No idea why the management wanted to leave such a big space between two yellow boxes and waste the space that could be made into another yellow parking box....but never mind, I showed them that they should. Either way I'm still using that spare space. =)


Stay tuned for my next post,

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