2012 New Year's Resolution

Friday, January 6, 2012 |

I know its already 6th of January!! But I've been busy since New Year's Eve and stressing about my Final Year Project, so I didn't have the time to blog this!!

So.. New Year's Resolutions. Last year I had one done, but sadly I didn't really achieve most of them. Mostly because most of them were more inner-self stuff, like personality changes and all. This year it won't be like that anymore.

1. Get through my final year project and graduate Diploma.
Something more soon that I desperately need encouragment with. Seeing that I'm currently stuck in half the progress, I really gotta move at a faster pace now. And I really need a A for this one.

2. Get my portfolio done and send out with my applications to many many many Univercities in UK
Who know's which will want me and which won't? Though I might find out later that most of them need a huge amount of application fee. Well, that's a problem for future me.

3. Stop being timid and take the big steps
No more "safe path" anymore. Life is about taking risks!

4. Have a kick-ass 21st Birthday
That's right! I'm 21 now! And my blog profile still says I'm 20. Doesn't count untill I'm over with my birthday!

5. Keep fit
I look the same, but the numbers have gone way up last year. I finally realised, even with the slim blessing that I though would follow me for life, I might actually get super fat one day. And daily exercises really help with my health condition. Less headaches, better sleep.

6. Be more independent and friendly to people
I have no idea how I'm gonna live alone nine months from now. And start all over at a new place with a bunch of strangers.

7. Be with the family as much as possible
Better to do it now then regret it when I can't.


That's all I can think of right now. I suppose there's much more, but then again a New Year's Resolution is just a form of reminding one's ownself.

Although its 6 days late, I'm still gonna wish everybody Happy New Year 2012! =)

One great year ahead,

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