Merry Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 |

Handrawn Christmas card and handmade Christmas Trees. Budget!

Wishing everyone that reads this a Merry merry Christmas!

At UK every shop is closed during Christmas.. and the roads are literally empty! Kinda like being in a horror movie....

Its the first time I'm celebrating Christmas without family and friends, and truthfully saying its rather depressing. Miss bringing my mum to shopping centers and being amazed by the Christmas decorations, miss singing Christmas carols loudly in my own home, miss the small Christmas tree at my house if my mum is free enough to put it out... and I miss my Christmas hat as its too expensive and pointless to buy one here.

Oh well, tomorrow's boxing day....which means.... SHOPPING TIME!

Not really a white Christmas,

Early Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 23, 2012 |

Getting lazy to blog! OMG its been like what? 1 whole month since my last post. I guess I just lost the enthusiasm and motivation of blogging.....

Still, an update once in awhile is good.. so this one is about my early Christmas dinner, and my first ever Christmas dinner in the UK.  

14 December 2012, Saturday

I made Christmas trees outta paper cups and green paper. Just to get the atmosphere right. =)

We had our group Christmas dinner early since not everyone would be around during Christmas time. It was a potluck Christmas dinner, so everyone had to contribute something. And we also had a Secret Santa game where everyone had to prepare a present for a person we randomly picked earlier!

I prepared Watermelon Sago with Ying Hao!

The other food prepared...

I kept on saying this was a turkey... while in truth it was a roasted chicken. Nicely done by alvin!


The secret santa presents!

We actually had to open the presents and guess who was the person that gave it to us. And we really got all sorts of presents!

And ending our dinner with camwhore moments!



Its Christmas Eve tomorrow, then Christmas... and Boxing day after! Kinda excited to see how boxing day goes in UK. Heard that it gets rather hectic!

Then after that I'm off to London for a 5 day trip! Buckingham Palace and Big Ben I'm coming!


Let the fireworks..begin,

Fake dip-dye

Thursday, November 8, 2012 |

Back when I was still a black-haired girl. How I miss this hair....

This post was supposed to be done back in August when I had just dyed my hair. And when dip-dye was still a thing. Not sure if it's still a popular thing in Malaysia now, as obviously I'm at UK and have no idea what's going on in Malaysia....

Three months after I dyed my hair.. and now the red has all faded.. turning into chestnut brown color. So now instead of a red dip-dye.. I have brown dip-dye.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Back in August 2012, I was fascinated by the idea of dip-dying. I had always resented hair dye as I couldn't really stand the black roots growing out, and touching up every month would cost rather lot. When I knew I could just dye the bottom part of my hair, leaving the top black so even if the new roots started growing it wouldn't effect me, I was determined to do it.

And of course, I was influenced by Vanessa Hudgen's purple hair dip dye. Awesome.

However, when I got to the salon and told my hairstylist what I wanted... I was told that to dip dye a bright color I needed to bleach my hair... and since was hair color was really dark I needed to bleach more than once. And also dip dye would create a very obvious line between the two colors....the stylist didn't know how to make it possible for the colors to fade down...

So long story short... I faked a dip dye by just coloring the inner layers of my hair reddish-purple.

With half of my hair held up.. the bottom layer of my hair. At that time it was still a striking red.

With all my hair put down...

Didn't really look the same as a dip dye, but I liked the effect well enough. The only downside was the pink color water I got whenever I washed my hair for one whole month.

It looked more obvious under sunlight though. Usually only a hint of color could be seen at the tips of the hair.

Some random photos from when my hair was still red!

Can you believe this only cost me like RM60...?

If anyone is interested.. I did my hair at Hedkandee Hair Studio at Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan. [FB link]

Next time I should try this with straight hair.....

Reviving old photos,

Halloween 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 |

Fluffy rabbit for the night!

31 October 2012, Wednesday

I actually celebrated my first Halloween ever at Newcastle with the crazy people here! First in a life time! We didn't really have things planned out earlier so its a relief we still had one hell of a night.

In the evening as the sky turned dark (yeah Newcastle turns dark at around 5,6pm now), we started getting ready. Girls and their makeup. Isk.

And the award of the best dress of the night... of course goes to the JOKER!

Clap clap for Ying Hao for actually going through with the idea!

As for us... we gals spent rather lot effort on the face makeup instead of the costume....

Some of the other costumes....


The two cat women!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson from the TV Series Sherlock

Little red riding hood!


Afterwards we just went from club to club, walking in the cold acting like stupids and taking random photos....


You certainly don't get this kind of Halloween at Malaysia. People will think you went siao.

Been enjoying two relaxing weeks so far... almost time to get back to assignments and stressful life...... but not before the Nottingham games this Saturday!

Until next time!

I can withstand cold more than I expected,


Saturday, October 20, 2012 |


多姿多彩却甜中带苦 苦中带甜


最后悔 莫过于没有好好和妈妈学煮饭
默默的帮不上手 实在惭愧

就算跪着 也要走完它

还好有你 让我有撑过去的勇气
累的时候有个依靠 伤心的时候有个肩膀
做错事的时候有个责备 委屈的时候有个安慰

我的人生 从此就不同了。

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