Winter Solstice 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011 |

22 December 2011, Thursday


Just noticed that today is written as 111222. Triples numbers, cool huh? And you seldom see me actually updating my blog post at the exact same date as written on the top of the blog post. With Christmas and New Year coming I might just be punctual for a change!

Once again it's the time of the year where "tang yuan"s are suddenly a very popular food. My facebook and twitter feeds are full of photos of them, and people discussing about them.

But then again, it really is a tradition that should be kept, even as we grow up.

This year Mum was a bit busy with other stuff, so she bought ready-made rice balls from Jusco, which was different from our usual self-making rice balls. They were larger, and the fillings in it were much more tastier, but on the down side they only had one color : white.

Highly recommend this brand called "KG" though. Really good rice balls they make.

Spot the ginger in the water! Some people don't put ginger when cooking tang yuens, but my mum says it makes it more tastier, other than the pandan leaves taste.

Add some sugar and pour everything out into bowls... and there you have it, 1 bowl of big tang yuens that can barely fit in the bowl!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 


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