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Friday, December 2, 2011 |

Been so busy this month I've barely been updating my blog. Exactly the life of how a design student's life should be. ><  Busy with my final project now, so yah life's like an ongoing assignment that has a deadline around every corner.

Anyway, like usual, some random photos from my twitter and facebook mobile uploads. Notice the poor quality of the photos? Most of them taken by my Blackberry Bold 2. Got half a mind thinking about getting myself a iPhone 4S already.  December 16 isn't that far from now isn't it?


Size doesn't Matter - Meg Cabot

A book I bought during the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales. Most of the books there were in quite good condition (some were almost new!) and were very very very cheap compared to the average price of books in Malaysia. I've always been a fan of Meg Cabot since her Princess Diaries Series, and it cost me only around RM10. Totally worth it.

那些年我们一起追的女孩 You are the Apple of My Eye
Was quite happy to have went to seen this movie way early before it become an "in" thing. The movie officially started showing on 10 Nov but there were special showings at selected cinemas before, so I grabbed the chance immediately!

It's a great movie in fact. Brings back a lot of old memories, and makes you really start thinking. Seriously there was a period of time where all everyone could talk about, even  facebook sharing feeds were about 沈佳宜, the female lead of the movie. I think the movie is still showing now, actually.

My little niece 晴晴! Though everytime I call her name I'm reminded of a character that Fala Chen once played in a HK drama that had the same name.

This is actually my gantt chart for my final project. It's like a steep staircase that has no stopping! >< 

Double sided Double Eyelid Tapes! You don't really see much of these in the market, but they might get more popular in the future. Bought this at Sasa The Mines.

I really think this is the last Dean List Award I'll get before I graduate. The ceremony was done together with the convocation this year, and it was held grandly at Segi's main campus at Kota Damansara. (The next convocation will be my graduation date! Like, finally?)

The old version was like everyone's (well, almost everyone. I still can't believe some people of my age never saw this drama when they were young. It was like an idication of a decade!) childhood memory. And like every other new re-shooted drama, the differences between both were placed under a magnifying glass and discussed as much.

I rather enjoyed the new drama, even though I missed the old actors. Gotta admire how 琼瑶 added so many new stuff, without changing the old storyline. I basically skipped most parts that were same as the old version though.

And I really wanted to see 永琪 and 小燕子 get married in this new version ><


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