Christmas at Penang

Thursday, December 29, 2011 |

24 December 2011, Saturday

The journey from KL to Penang was tiring. Rained half the way and jammed with the traffic for the other half. Seems like everyone was rushing back home for Christmas that weekend.

Reach Penang so late there was barely time for anything. My aunt did bring me and my family to Straits Quay late that night though.  It was literally FULL of people. And couples.

25 December 2011, Sunday

The main reason of our visit to Penang during this festive season : my cousin brother's wedding. Almost all my relatives from my mother's side were there for this big celebration. A lot of kids, a lot of relatives, and a lot of people I only knew by sight.

Dad and Mum going through the drinking tea ceremony.

My family, my popo and my eldest aunt's family with the married couple!

And as usual, there was the dinner celebration at night.

Main table decoration

Me and my little cousin sister.

And lastly, a photo of the married couple...

So simply, there was nothing Christmas-y about the whole visit to Penang at all. I do not know why I typed Christmas in the title anyway. 

But I got one great Christmas present that will blow your mind off. Stay tuned!

Photos : Facebook Album
(Credits to my brother for taking most of them)

All I want for Christmas is you,


  1. Hahaa... welcome to Penang! I saw Straits Quay there in your photos. Well, how was it? Nice right? hahaha. Hmm... where's your cousin brother's wedding dinner being held? The hotel looks familiar. hahaha!

  2. Gen Yong > Straits Quay was...okay I guess. There were so many people there we left after a simple walk around the area with boats. My cousin wedding dinner was at somewhere called Times Sqaure? I know the restaurant is called Ming Garden. =)


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