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Friday, December 30, 2011 |

This has gonna be a traditional yearly-post by now.

RECAP OF 2011!

First Photo of 2011! @Sunway Pyramid

2011 started out as usual, with the beginning of a new, and also my last normal semester at College.

And I still had the cute bangs that I experimented during Dec 2010. Really looks so different, even to myself. But it made my face look so damn small. >< Got the urge to go cut it again.....

January 2011 Cute bangs!

Too bad they started to grow up and end up at an awkward length.

February 2011 - Valentines Flowers!

And of course, there was my brother coming back from Italy after being a transfer student there for almost 2 months. Home just wasn't the same without him. (link)

March was a busy month, with the end of a semester coming really soon.

March 2011 - Stress!

In just the year 2011 I got in the Segi College Dean's List twice. Such a honor! And it looks great on my resume =)  (link)

April 2011

A Food Bazaar was held in April for our Principles of Marketing Subject. It was really great to be among the highest earning groups, and being personally praised by our lecturer. A lot of hard work was put into this whole event, and the success was really the credit of all my group members! So proud of us! (link)

In May I started my Internship at a small design company in Puchong. I never really blogged about it due to various reasons, but if I were to say the biggest impact of the year, this would be it.

I spent around 3 months working as an intern, experiencing the dull working life, and 2 more months on and off working part time. What I experienced, what I learned, what I came to realise... was way more than just academic purposes.

Perhaps years later I'd look back and say, that it was at this point of life that made me see all the wrongs in my life, and made me choose what I did choose at that point.

June 2011

And then.. my dear Mark graduated from College! We started college at almost the same time, but now she's already a diploma holder! Envy to the max! (link)

People come and go, but the ones who leave leaves in sorrow, while the one who comes is surrounded by joy. So glad that this year it was all joy and no sorrow.

July 2011

July 2011- I reached the second milestone of my life : my twentieth birthday. No matter how dreadful I was of this age, it still had to come. That's just life.  (link)

I was really happy to see all the people that took turns in showing me that there are still people in this world that cared. Having my own birthday in the middle of my internship was really a pain in the ass. Especially since my birthday was on Thursday, a working day.

Friends, distance pulls us apart, but times just gets us closer.

At the same time I also opened a new Facebook account for those I really knew. (Add me HERE if you haven't!) And I got my first ever Blackberry!

While I was celebrating my 2nd decade in this world, my parents were ready to celebrate their 50th Birthday! (Chinese calendar counting of course) And since it was such an important date, there was an important celebration at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya! (link)

September 2011

And officially, my last semester at Segi College Subang Jaya started during October. My sis flew off to Cardiff, UK to finish her law studies, while my brother moved into a hostel at Nilai to be near to his college, leaving me to be the only child at home.

Life was really lonely at first, with no one next door to talk to, no one downstairs for me to kacau every now and then.... And that would explain my significantly decreasing of blogging during that period of time. Life was boring and un-fun..

October 2011

No matter what my camera and my cam-whoring is still going on 24/7, 365 days 12 months! Looking back at it now, I'm really grateful I started doing this since 2008. Every photo was a memory and is a history. Perhaps someday I'll compile all of them into a photobook for the 50 year old me to see! =) 

November 2011

Mummy bought a new car during November. It's been a long time since my house had a car this size. And it's a really smart car that's worth it's price!

December 2011

As my latest blog posts would tell you, I spent Christmas at Penang (link), and that basically wraps up all recaps of 2011. One really long blog post, full of photos but lacks feelings.

So there will be one more blog post before 2012 comes! Stay tuned! I only have one day left to get it done!

Remembering and creating,

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