Oct 2011 Photos

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 |

Some random photos I took during October. If you follow my twitter you might have seen most of them. But certainly not with detailed caption! =)


At Sen Heng while my mum was buying some electronic stuff, and my first thought was really "these stuff are so cheap in the Facebook Sims Social Game. Why is it so different in the real world?"

 My mum gave me this star necklace years ago and I still treat it like a valuable. 
I think it's white gold. Expensive stuff should have extra care.

3 Black Myvis in a row!
This just proves how frequent we see Malaysian made cars on the road!

My internship result.
3 months' hard work equals to 1 alphabet of achievement.

2AM, the best singing  male group I have ever heard. 
Their harmonies were awesome!

I'm totally a girl that falls for the packaging. 
L'oreal came out with this cuuuutteee and unique packaging!
And it comes with a face brush/scrub! (the white round thingy)

Tried Mcdonal's new Chicken McBites!
My thoughts? Tastes a lot like KFC's Chicken Popcorn,
and I still prefer nuggets.

Bye bye Oct, Hello Nov!

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