Beginning of the End

Friday, October 28, 2011 |

Sometimes in life, you just don't get to choose.

May 2009 I stepped into Segi College for the first time of my life as a college student. Now its Oct 2011 and I'm stepping into it again, but this time for my very last semester of my diploma life.

It sucks that I still haven't graduated after almost 2 years and a half, I know. College problem.

I still remember getting nervous right before my orientation day, and actually showing up late for it. Being alone in that big room was scary, but good thing I wasn't alone for too long. Being in my very first class, facing the very first failure, tasting the very first sweet payback... everything seems so far yet so near. 

A few months ago I was terrified by the idea of going through my internship, scared of facing the big cruel world outside the green house our college was once to us.

But now looking back, it really feels like there was nothing to be scared of, nothing to be worried about. Eventually things all turned out fine.

It's my last semester here, with my final project stressing my every mind cell. There's no more hiding from the future anymore. The path is getting clearer day by day, and one day I will be standing on the edge of it, watching the pavement beneath disappear as my feet walk on to another new path.

It's the beginning of the end. Or is it just the end of the beginning? No one knows for sure. But the answer will be there when once again, I look back, and laugh at how timid I was at this exact moment.

No one said I need to be brave,

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