Mum and Dad's 50th Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 |

1 September 2011, Thursday

Celebrated Dad and Mum's 50th Birthday with the HUGE family at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya. It wasn't exactly their 50th Birthday, but somehow Chinese thinking is that your already 1 years old when you're born, so that automatically adds a year to your actual age.

Been a long time since my last buffet meal!

We were obviously divided into three groups there. The talking group, the eating group, and the photo taking group! Guess which one I was in....

my brother and my cousin!

And one rarely seen family photo with almost all family members in. Almost, just almost.

And one last photo.....

Me, tired out from being too hyper! xD

It was great to meet up with everyone in the family, see familiar faces, get updated about their life....

Family rocks,

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