Yaw's Birthday Crash!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 |

1 August 2011, Monday - 1200am

Being the good friends we were, how could we miss a birthday? Even if all of us were busy like hell with work and studies and internship.

So late Sunday night me and mark secretly went to Yaw's house to meet up with Kai Wei... and crash into yaw's house!!!

Tired of cakes, so we bought cupcakes from Full House. Photos taken in pitch darkness, and my camera's flash isn't really the best among its range.

Anyway we tried to trick Yaw to come out thinking Mark was here to get some stuff from her, but the plan failed miserably.

Oh well.

Yaw's Present from us!

Ta-dah! The birthday girl!

We all looked really unprepared that day.. so no group photos to show you all! I'll just keep them for myself to enjoy. xD

Happy Belated Birthday Yaw! =)

Took me 24 days to get this out,

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