Thursday, August 18, 2011 |

I wonder if it's that I have no life to blog about, or that I just forgot something big happened in the past few weeks.

Anyway, felt the need to blog so I'm here! =)

Been busy with my internship lately, which fortunately will finish next monday. Then it'll be back to assignment life, with a report and presentation due at the end of September. Life's a bitch. A little bit rest also dun wanna give me.

Addicted to Korean drama "Heartstrings" lately. (Also known as You've Fallen For Me). One main reason : cause it's starring CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa!

I've always said he looks better in movies, videos... compared to photos. Somehow the photos just can't capture the amazing look of his.

The drama is simple and sweet, without those very dramatic scenes and plots usually seen. Highly recommend for people who are into high school/college romance and like musical instruments.

And...you get a bonus!

CN Blue's drummer Kang Min Hyuk.

Trust me. He's so gonna make your specs fall off (If you have any that is) with just how different and CUTE he can be!

A few more episodes before it ends!

If your interested there are english subs easily found on the web. =) Enjoy!


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