20th Birthday [Part2]

Monday, August 1, 2011 |

15 July 2011, Friday

Another working day! It's sucks that I still need to work during my own birthday. That meant that I only had night time to celebrate.

And who has the mood to do anything on their big day? Spent most of the day fooling around doing nothing. =)

Anyone, rushed out in the evening for my birthday celebration with Jun Jie. Was so rushed that I didn't even have the time to talk to my mum. I barely even saw her!

So I called her when I was on the car and said "Mum, thanks for giving birth to me and bringing me to this world." Mum sounded quite surprised and keep saying that I was very "gan xing" today.

So he bought me to Victoria Station at Taipan, USJ. Been past that area numerous time, yet I never knew that that was it's name. I just recognized it with the British style telephone booth outside.

The environment inside was nice, just a little bit too quiet for my liking. And the staff : customer ratio was a bit high, and I didn't really like being stared at when eating.

The bread, which was served before the main course, reminds me of England.

Beef Steak!

Steaks really aren't my kinda thing. I know its a high-end food and it's suppose to be delicious and all, but it tastes just so so to me. Maybe it was the restaurant, maybe it was my tongue and mouth. I don't often eat steak, and when the waiter asked me about the degree of cooking, I stared back at him. ==

Usually in those Chinese dramas they say “七分熟”, but I had no idea what that was in English. 70% cooked?

Finished the meal in silence to cope with the equally silence environment. And after watching and staring and finally learning how to fold the napkins into a fan shape (taught by one of the staffs), we finally decided to pay the bill.

And that just made it to the top of our most-expensive meal list.


Once again I am going to say... I'm too old for surprises. I get suspicious at any weird gesture, and I start questioning every small thing.

Yah, surprises just ain't for me.

So when I was bought to Secret Recipe, Taipan USJ, I wasn't that surprised to see Zac, Sook, Shanz and Rex sitting there waiting for me, with 3 slices of cakes on the table.

But I was 100% surprised by this....

Really wtf right == Trust Zac to come up with such a birthday card. 100% unforgettable!

And a birthday present from Rex & Zac... Coach, Gucci and LV branded tissue papers! Wonderful right?


And the most awesome thing of my birthday? I finally reached my target of 10k tweets before my birthday ended!

Ignore my totally bu yao lian tweet =)

One HUGE apology to my followers, since I started spamming twitter everyday, since I decided to reach this 10k target. I was just at the count of 9.1k by then, and I tweeted almost 1000 tweets in less than 15 days.

The last tweet was at 15th July 2011, 11:59pm. Good thing I was still in time.

At least there's something, a statement, an important number, for this special day.

And so... I went through my 1st day of being 20, just as simple as that. =)

Happy Belated Birthday to myself... I'm twenty teen! 

Ignore the flaws and embrace the goods,

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