20th Birthday [Part 4]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 |

I'm officially 20.

Sounds more bearable now. The fact that my age wasn't starting with a ONE anymore used to freak me out. It was like I had no more chances to be childish and be forgiven for all the wrong I did.

Age doesn't equal maturity, but it sure equals responsibility.

Soon it'll be just me, just me facing all the setbacks in life, just me taking care of myself, just me deciding what and which is the best for me.

I had quite a number of cakes this year, but when I was holding my hands with closed eyes, with the candle-lit cake infront of me, making those 3 special birthday wishes, there was always one wish that was always the same :

For life to be smooth for me, and that I live it with no regrets.

With different people I'm forced to take different roles, change different personalities, act out a different me. But deep down, I'm still just that little girl that wants to have a road laid out nicely in front for her to walk. 

But that won't be life anymore I guess. 

Finishing my birthday blog posts with this final post... I had a great birthday this year, with just a few small holes in it. A really big thank you to all the text messages, tweets and facebook wall posts. For those who actually did remember the actual date, you have my full gratitude. 

Don't judge me with my looks, don't judge me with my words, don't judge me with what I own, and especially, don't judge me with my age. I'm 20, but that doesn't mean everything. 

So... until next year then! Fingers crossed for 21 to be even more special. I mean, a girl only turns 21 once in a lifetime, right?


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