Yaw's Birthday Crash!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 |

1 August 2011, Monday - 1200am

Being the good friends we were, how could we miss a birthday? Even if all of us were busy like hell with work and studies and internship.

So late Sunday night me and mark secretly went to Yaw's house to meet up with Kai Wei... and crash into yaw's house!!!

Tired of cakes, so we bought cupcakes from Full House. Photos taken in pitch darkness, and my camera's flash isn't really the best among its range.

Anyway we tried to trick Yaw to come out thinking Mark was here to get some stuff from her, but the plan failed miserably.

Oh well.

Yaw's Present from us!

Ta-dah! The birthday girl!

We all looked really unprepared that day.. so no group photos to show you all! I'll just keep them for myself to enjoy. xD

Happy Belated Birthday Yaw! =)

Took me 24 days to get this out,


Thursday, August 18, 2011 |

I wonder if it's that I have no life to blog about, or that I just forgot something big happened in the past few weeks.

Anyway, felt the need to blog so I'm here! =)

Been busy with my internship lately, which fortunately will finish next monday. Then it'll be back to assignment life, with a report and presentation due at the end of September. Life's a bitch. A little bit rest also dun wanna give me.

Addicted to Korean drama "Heartstrings" lately. (Also known as You've Fallen For Me). One main reason : cause it's starring CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa!

I've always said he looks better in movies, videos... compared to photos. Somehow the photos just can't capture the amazing look of his.

The drama is simple and sweet, without those very dramatic scenes and plots usually seen. Highly recommend for people who are into high school/college romance and like musical instruments.

And...you get a bonus!

CN Blue's drummer Kang Min Hyuk.

Trust me. He's so gonna make your specs fall off (If you have any that is) with just how different and CUTE he can be!

A few more episodes before it ends!

If your interested there are english subs easily found on the web. =) Enjoy!


20th Birthday [Part 4]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 |

I'm officially 20.

Sounds more bearable now. The fact that my age wasn't starting with a ONE anymore used to freak me out. It was like I had no more chances to be childish and be forgiven for all the wrong I did.

Age doesn't equal maturity, but it sure equals responsibility.

Soon it'll be just me, just me facing all the setbacks in life, just me taking care of myself, just me deciding what and which is the best for me.

I had quite a number of cakes this year, but when I was holding my hands with closed eyes, with the candle-lit cake infront of me, making those 3 special birthday wishes, there was always one wish that was always the same :

For life to be smooth for me, and that I live it with no regrets.

With different people I'm forced to take different roles, change different personalities, act out a different me. But deep down, I'm still just that little girl that wants to have a road laid out nicely in front for her to walk. 

But that won't be life anymore I guess. 

Finishing my birthday blog posts with this final post... I had a great birthday this year, with just a few small holes in it. A really big thank you to all the text messages, tweets and facebook wall posts. For those who actually did remember the actual date, you have my full gratitude. 

Don't judge me with my looks, don't judge me with my words, don't judge me with what I own, and especially, don't judge me with my age. I'm 20, but that doesn't mean everything. 

So... until next year then! Fingers crossed for 21 to be even more special. I mean, a girl only turns 21 once in a lifetime, right?


20th Birthday [Part1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
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20th Birthday [Part3]

Friday, August 5, 2011 |

16 July 2011, Saturday 

Had a small celebration with my secondary school friends. Kinda surprised me that they still remembered and  took the initiative to celebrate with me, since we didn't meet up much since our school life ended.

Went to Sakae Sushi, The Mines at first, but eventually changed places to Little Star Cafe.

And outta no where a birthday cake suddenly appeared! Had no idea when they went to buy it at all. =)

With the "girls"

With the sweettttt couple!

5D3 2008

Group Photo!

Thanks to Fei, Mian, Fen, Mong, Rou Fui, Kar Mun and Jason! <3

With you guys its gossip everywhere! Love that feeling!


20th Birthday [Part1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
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20th Birthday [Part2]

Monday, August 1, 2011 |

15 July 2011, Friday

Another working day! It's sucks that I still need to work during my own birthday. That meant that I only had night time to celebrate.

And who has the mood to do anything on their big day? Spent most of the day fooling around doing nothing. =)

Anyone, rushed out in the evening for my birthday celebration with Jun Jie. Was so rushed that I didn't even have the time to talk to my mum. I barely even saw her!

So I called her when I was on the car and said "Mum, thanks for giving birth to me and bringing me to this world." Mum sounded quite surprised and keep saying that I was very "gan xing" today.

So he bought me to Victoria Station at Taipan, USJ. Been past that area numerous time, yet I never knew that that was it's name. I just recognized it with the British style telephone booth outside.

The environment inside was nice, just a little bit too quiet for my liking. And the staff : customer ratio was a bit high, and I didn't really like being stared at when eating.

The bread, which was served before the main course, reminds me of England.

Beef Steak!

Steaks really aren't my kinda thing. I know its a high-end food and it's suppose to be delicious and all, but it tastes just so so to me. Maybe it was the restaurant, maybe it was my tongue and mouth. I don't often eat steak, and when the waiter asked me about the degree of cooking, I stared back at him. ==

Usually in those Chinese dramas they say “七分熟”, but I had no idea what that was in English. 70% cooked?

Finished the meal in silence to cope with the equally silence environment. And after watching and staring and finally learning how to fold the napkins into a fan shape (taught by one of the staffs), we finally decided to pay the bill.

And that just made it to the top of our most-expensive meal list.


Once again I am going to say... I'm too old for surprises. I get suspicious at any weird gesture, and I start questioning every small thing.

Yah, surprises just ain't for me.

So when I was bought to Secret Recipe, Taipan USJ, I wasn't that surprised to see Zac, Sook, Shanz and Rex sitting there waiting for me, with 3 slices of cakes on the table.

But I was 100% surprised by this....

Really wtf right == Trust Zac to come up with such a birthday card. 100% unforgettable!

And a birthday present from Rex & Zac... Coach, Gucci and LV branded tissue papers! Wonderful right?


And the most awesome thing of my birthday? I finally reached my target of 10k tweets before my birthday ended!

Ignore my totally bu yao lian tweet =)

One HUGE apology to my followers, since I started spamming twitter everyday, since I decided to reach this 10k target. I was just at the count of 9.1k by then, and I tweeted almost 1000 tweets in less than 15 days.

The last tweet was at 15th July 2011, 11:59pm. Good thing I was still in time.

At least there's something, a statement, an important number, for this special day.

And so... I went through my 1st day of being 20, just as simple as that. =)

Happy Belated Birthday to myself... I'm twenty teen! 

Ignore the flaws and embrace the goods,

20th Birthday [Part1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
Photos from FB album

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