Mark's Graduation Day

Monday, July 4, 2011 |

25 June 2011, Saturday

It was the big day! Big day for Mark a.k.a Yanny Low, since it was her graduation day!

It seems just like yesterday this missie has just finished her SPM and was lying at home everyday doing nothing, with no plans for her future at all. Now, she's a diploma graduate. The first among my close friends actually.

And we're all glad for her.

That's why, we bought her something to celebrate this important day of her life.

From Plants VS Zombie

Big thanks to Yaw for going through all the trouble to get these!

We took a stop at Mark's house that day before she left for her graduation ceremony at KL. When we got there she was busy preparing herself. Or frankly, other people were busy preparing her. She seemed quite relaxed while people rushed here and there around her.

Making up....

Dolled up!


*eyes sparkle*

Ignore the cacat face me ><

Yaw and Mark

Soon it will be my turn,

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