20th Birthday [Part1]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 |

Happy Birthday to myself! Been postponing these posts for quite some time now due to the photos editing and workload, but here I am now! =)

Starting off with the day before the big day...

14 July 2011, Thursday

Rushed home from work that day to be in time for Yaw to come fetch me. I had no idea where they were bringing me, who was going, what's the plan...etc.

And they (Mark was on the car with Yaw as well) bought me to Gasoline @Hertiage.

Mark and Yaw

These two people tried to bluff me all the way. They actually told me in the box they carried was a RM6.90 sponge cake with raisin toppings, and that it was just us with the usually gang of 5 people when they choose a table that could sit more than 8. But I'm the clever one =)

Slowly slowly people started to show up. Wai Yan, Jiah Hooi, Kah Yian, Kai Wei and most surprisingly Ella! Haven't seen her for quite some time, and it was touching she came even when she wasn't really part of this gang of mine. =)

Well obviously by then I knew what was going on. The only surprise that occured, was the sudden outburst of a very lagging birthday song coming out from Gasoline's own sound system. Very very weird.

my cake!

Making a wish~

Group photos!

A great thank you to everyone who were there that day! =)

Still finding the culprit who made me one year older. ==

Also... I have presents!!! =)

I always say its okay its okay no need presents, but still , its great to get something and guess what it is. It's the anticipation we're all looking forward to.

Handmade by MARK! <3 her so much~~

Birthday card from yaw~

From my gals! <3



Wasn't expecting much for my birthday this year, but this blew me off my feet. =) Been years since I graduated from secondary school, but its still amazing that friends from then, are still the best friends in life. <3

Stay tuned for the next few parts of my birthday celebration! =)

Took me two days to finish this,

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