20th Birthday [Part1]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 |

Happy Birthday to myself! Been postponing these posts for quite some time now due to the photos editing and workload, but here I am now! =)

Starting off with the day before the big day...

14 July 2011, Thursday

Rushed home from work that day to be in time for Yaw to come fetch me. I had no idea where they were bringing me, who was going, what's the plan...etc.

And they (Mark was on the car with Yaw as well) bought me to Gasoline @Hertiage.

Mark and Yaw

These two people tried to bluff me all the way. They actually told me in the box they carried was a RM6.90 sponge cake with raisin toppings, and that it was just us with the usually gang of 5 people when they choose a table that could sit more than 8. But I'm the clever one =)

Slowly slowly people started to show up. Wai Yan, Jiah Hooi, Kah Yian, Kai Wei and most surprisingly Ella! Haven't seen her for quite some time, and it was touching she came even when she wasn't really part of this gang of mine. =)

Well obviously by then I knew what was going on. The only surprise that occured, was the sudden outburst of a very lagging birthday song coming out from Gasoline's own sound system. Very very weird.

my cake!

Making a wish~

Group photos!

A great thank you to everyone who were there that day! =)

Still finding the culprit who made me one year older. ==

Also... I have presents!!! =)

I always say its okay its okay no need presents, but still , its great to get something and guess what it is. It's the anticipation we're all looking forward to.

Handmade by MARK! <3 her so much~~

Birthday card from yaw~

From my gals! <3



Wasn't expecting much for my birthday this year, but this blew me off my feet. =) Been years since I graduated from secondary school, but its still amazing that friends from then, are still the best friends in life. <3

Stay tuned for the next few parts of my birthday celebration! =)

Took me two days to finish this,

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JunJie's BD Celebration

Monday, July 18, 2011 |

7 July 2011, Thursday

Had a small celebration with the birthday boy at Sunway Pyramid's Bubba Gump. 

Been wanting to go there ever since I saw the movie "Forrest Gump". Such a coincidence the movie was released exactly 17 years ago (July 6, 1994). It was a award winning comedy film starring Tom Hanks.

And Bubba Gump happened to be inspired by this movie, named for the shrimping company formed by Gump in the film, named for himself and his friend, Bubba.

The restaurant was decorated with a lot of scenes from the movie.

The kid is just adorable!



Birthday cakes are a must for birthdays!

Happy 19th Birthday! =) 

Lots more blog posts in waiting line,

Happy Birthday ME

Thursday, July 14, 2011 |

Happy 20th Birthday to myself.
20 may seem like a fairly older number
leaving the teens behind and moving on to adulthood
But I'm not gonna hide my age from everyone else.

I'm proud of being 20. 
Nothing wrong with letting everyone know that. 

I may be 20 by age
but I'm still a teenager in my heart. 
And forever will that teen still be in there somewhere
hoping to break apart. 

Thank you to my dearest mum 
for bringing me to this awesome world.
It has been 2 awesome decades
And the awesomeness will continue on
without fail it will never fade.


Bersih 2.0 Rally

Sunday, July 10, 2011 |

Epic Pic! Bersih 2.0

9 July 2011, Saturday. 

I'd like to call this day an important day in  Malaysia history.

For those who followed the news and updates of all that happened, its likely every story and every photo is making the hot blood in your vein pump faster.

Sadly, the younger generation, and a lot of others, are still unaware of what is going on. For any of you who might want to understand and know more about Bersih 2.0, please refer to The (Half) Idiot's Guide to Bersih 2.0 by bongkerz.

Long story short, Bersih 2.0 rally is a demonstration held in KL as a follow up of the 2007 Bersih Rally to push the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Their demands :

Ever notice how all the political advertisements you ever see on the TV/Radio/Newspaper are Barisan Nasional's?  That day I saw a "Anti Perhimpunan Haram" TV commercial that was obviously done in a rush.

And this is just how corrupted the election system is. Notice the date of birth of this registered voter? 31 Dec 1880. The guy is 131 years old! If he's still alive to vote.. it'll be a new world record! And there's a lot of other same cases just like this one. This just causes havoc in the system, and could easily be misused to generate fake votes, since obviously the person mentioned won't be able to go vote himself.

Still, the rally was just planned to be a peaceful walk, in hope of creating awareness and attention from those involved, which later evolved into many many problems.


Days before the rally, the polis were already setting roadblocks everywhere around the KL city area. On the day itself most roads in KL were closed.

Even though most roads to KL were closed, and polis were everywhere arresting people who were in yellow color shirts or had them in their bags, somehow these supporters still managed to gather up together. They were from different races, different ages, wearing different color clothes, but together they march towards one same hope. It was truly 1 Malaysia.

Tear gas and water cannons were used against more than 100,000 people who were involved in the rally.

They just came for a walk, a walk for democracy. They came with no weapons, and harmed no one. Why did they have to face such treatments?

Salute the popo!


If your own election system is as fair and clean as you said so... then why so scared?  

I may be one of the silent majority, but I too support Bersih and hope for a clean election when I get to vote in the near future. Not all of us is in favor of the current government, and the younger us are growing up to be voting soon, and we are hoping to finally see some changes.

 "Why do we have to feel so scared (and threatened) in our own home land.. 
...and by own countrymen?"

**A great  salute for all the brave supporters of Bersih along with the media and photographers who provided us with the latest news and wonderful photos as displayed above. Not forgetting also the hardworking policemen who were just doing their jobs as ordered. Sam fu sai. 

Still proud as a Malaysian,

Mark's Graduation Day

Monday, July 4, 2011 |

25 June 2011, Saturday

It was the big day! Big day for Mark a.k.a Yanny Low, since it was her graduation day!

It seems just like yesterday this missie has just finished her SPM and was lying at home everyday doing nothing, with no plans for her future at all. Now, she's a diploma graduate. The first among my close friends actually.

And we're all glad for her.

That's why, we bought her something to celebrate this important day of her life.

From Plants VS Zombie

Big thanks to Yaw for going through all the trouble to get these!

We took a stop at Mark's house that day before she left for her graduation ceremony at KL. When we got there she was busy preparing herself. Or frankly, other people were busy preparing her. She seemed quite relaxed while people rushed here and there around her.

Making up....

Dolled up!


*eyes sparkle*

Ignore the cacat face me ><

Yaw and Mark

Soon it will be my turn,
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