Small Life

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 |

 Life starts small
As a tiny little thing barely the size of a basketball

But as time goes on
life turns bigger and bigger more

Untill one day you'll look back
and think
"how could I have been so small?" 


Went to visit my cousin the other day, and took the chance to see my newly born niece =)

Babies are cute. =)

Anyway, I'm still trying hard at adjusting to intern life now. Waking up early and coming home late is not something I'm used to. It's like I barely have a few hours time to stay put at home. 

Going to get my last semester results this Saturday, and meet up with the college gang! Haven't seen them since AGES! Excited excited excited! I'm sure we'll all have loads of internship experiences to share!

Fingers crossed that my Advertising Creativity can still scrap an A... >< 

Aching body,

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