Malam Bakat SMKSK

Saturday, June 25, 2011 |

18 June 2011, Saturday

It just so happened that my mum bought me and my brother tickets to her current school (my old secondary school), SMK Seri Kembangan's Talent Night (Malam Bakat), and somehow the tickets were VIP tickets. So, we went.

The whole thing was held at my old primary school's hall. Such a coincidence huh.

the stage

The whole hall was very very very hot. Imagine all 1700 people in there. There were lots of my juniors everywhere!

Speeches and the opening ceremony, and the show begins!

Basically some photos...

30 groups and I managed to get only a few nice and clear photos. =) A lot of bands and dances though. I never knew we had so much "talented" students at our school before this. Maybe they just never show it.

Fun fact of the day : The song "Nobody" was used in 5 performances, with the same dance again and again.

The event ended with the prize-giving ceremony. By that time it was already around 1130pm, and 3/4 of the seats were already empty. Way past the expected time I guess.

Still, it sure was one grand event! =)


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