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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 |

Sometimes, the internet world might be boring. Sometimes it gets more and more exciting with every click of the mouse. Sometimes you get linked from one page to another and the routine just goes on untill you can't stand it anymore and you need to sleep.

If you think about it, the internet is really just one huge box where billions of people dump things in it. When they dump it someone else finds it and uses it, while in turn, that someone dumps something in too. All these stuff combined are the internet we all love today.

That's why Internet is about sharing. Sharing your thoughts, sharing your experience, sharing your feelings. Who knows someday someone might be in need of it, without you even knowing.

So..enough of the ramble. Just wanted to share some of my most frequent visited websites to my readers out there. Some you might have heard, some you may have not. Be sure to click into the links and have a look! They might be useful in a way. =)

(I have Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and Gmail pin-tabbed to my Mozilla Firefox, so yah, they don't count. BTW, Firefox 5 rocks!)


Deviantart : where ART meet applications
My source of design artworks and pictures and ideas. It really has a huge resources of work from all kinds of people, be it photos, or graphic work or illustrations. 


SoyaCincau : Alternative Views of the Local Mobile Scene and Then Everything Else – Maybe
A very updated website that shows a lot of info of  mobile stuff, mobile phones, data packages, mobile networks and lots lots more. I get all the information I need from here! For example it's recent post showed a tipster about iPhone 5 release date. Check it out and see!


Taiwan Entertainment
I watch all my taiwan dramas/shows here! The people here update really fast, like the show was on last night, then it's sure to be uploaded by the next day morning (or sometimes during the midnight). Best of all...all the videos are uploaded onto youtube! As far as my experience goes, youtube loads faster than a lot of other video players online.


A little bit of Eki
The blog of a US blogger that has a background in art, beauty and makeup artistry. She does a lot of reviews on makeup stuff and contact lens and skin  products, and sometimes shares tutorials.  Also her sketching skills are awesome!

But the one main reason I'm following her blog updates are that she posts screen shots of the Popteen Japanese version Magazine every month! It's hard to find them on the internet and hers is the most reliable source!


::COLORlovers:: Color Trends + Palettes
COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles... All in the spirit of love.

Some of the palettes/color combinations are really nice! A lot of users combine the colors to become a palette themselves and upload it here. Its also a great way to explore new colors that I don't frequently use. 


Just like Colorlovers, Kuler is also a website for color themes. The special thing is... it's owned by Adobe! Which means easy access from Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign..etc.


Cracks.VG Virgin Cracks
Well I'm not proud of saying this, but I have downloaded a lot of pirated softwares. And with pirated softwares and all those activation codes, cracks become a need. I usually download my Cracks from here, but for those bigger/more popular programs their cracks seem to be unusable. Still good enough for small small programs. =)


Plagarism Haven
This site is actually a livejournal made by a bunch of writers that used to be popular writers on FictionPress. They had many well known stories and loads of loyal readers. But some people just liked to steal their stories and post it somewhere else, acting as if it was their own. In one word, plagarism. So these writers left fiction press and worked together to form this website, where members need verification to enter and had rules to follow.

I'm a fan of one of the writers since her old days, and the stories posted are really really nice. Downside is you need to apply to be its member or you won't be able to see anything.


Watch Glee Online Streaming | Couch Tuner
I'm a gleek. Lol. And this is where I watch Glee online. It gives you a few options to choose from, and sometimes copyright problems happen and the video might be taken down. That's when its good to have other options to turn to.


If any of you know any good websites that functions the same/ or perhaps better than the ones I'm relying to now, don't hesitate to tell me! I'm always happy to find new websites that are of great use to me. 

Maybe next time I'll do a part 2. =) 

New definition of TGIF = Twitter - Google - Internet - Facebook


Malam Bakat SMKSK

Saturday, June 25, 2011 |

18 June 2011, Saturday

It just so happened that my mum bought me and my brother tickets to her current school (my old secondary school), SMK Seri Kembangan's Talent Night (Malam Bakat), and somehow the tickets were VIP tickets. So, we went.

The whole thing was held at my old primary school's hall. Such a coincidence huh.

the stage

The whole hall was very very very hot. Imagine all 1700 people in there. There were lots of my juniors everywhere!

Speeches and the opening ceremony, and the show begins!

Basically some photos...

30 groups and I managed to get only a few nice and clear photos. =) A lot of bands and dances though. I never knew we had so much "talented" students at our school before this. Maybe they just never show it.

Fun fact of the day : The song "Nobody" was used in 5 performances, with the same dance again and again.

The event ended with the prize-giving ceremony. By that time it was already around 1130pm, and 3/4 of the seats were already empty. Way past the expected time I guess.

Still, it sure was one grand event! =)


KLIGP 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011 |

15 - 17 June 2011, 

As I mentioned before in the previous post, the company I was doing my internship at was involved in a certain exhibition last week, and I had the opportunity to be a part of it! =)

The full name of the exhibition was KL International Gifts & Premium Exhibition, short formed as KLIGP, held at PWTC. It was the third time this exhibition was held, and you can click here to see its official website.

Actually there wasn't much to do during that exhibition, since it was mainly for retailers and purchasers ( in other words for big companies that would buy thousands of those products at once), so basically this post is just a wrap up of all three days.

But the Gifts and Premium stuff exhibited there were quite special, and there were exhibitors from other countries such as Korea and Thailand exhibiting some very unique stuff!

You see these everywhere now, even at such an exhibition. ANGRY BIRDS related stuff. There were even umbrellas with the red bird's face on it. Super cute. =)

 Of course there was the opening ceremony...

VIPs coming in...

The stage!

Also there was this product fashion show where the companies paid to have their products shown on the stage.

And... Yi Yun, my company's other intern got forced to go on stage to answer some question and win a prize. He looked super awkward going up there!


There were A LOT of visitors during the last day. No idea why, maybe the news was just starting to spread out? Well, see for yourself... both pre-registration and registration full off people lining up.

My boss's daugther, cute Mabel.

Poor little Mabel had to stay outside since children weren't allowed in. Spent sometime playing her "daily routine" game outside the exhibition hall with her while her parents went in. 

Few of the 200 booths

Eco products

So the exhibition ended just like that. Three no working days. Yay for me! =)

Next Post : SMKSK Malam Bakat

I don't do big business, yet.


Thursday, June 16, 2011 |

最近 心情很复杂

可是 到最后









Small Life Rabbit Version

Monday, June 13, 2011 |

Yah. Just like the title of this blog post.

It's amazing how my last blog post was about a small new life to this world, and around the same time, my rabbits bought four more to this world!

And seriously. None of us (my family members) had any idea the rabbit was even pregnant. Hell, we didn't even know what gender those two were. ==

Life is amazing. Including all the smalll stuff that sum up to form it. =) 


I'm slowly pacing up with the footsteps of internship life. Half my day is spent in the office facing a computer, but starting to get used to that.

And this Wednesday our Boss is gonna bring me and the other intern to an exhibition at PWTC. Kinda excited! Leaving the office and moving outsides sounds good to me!

Untill that then, ciao! =)


Small Life

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 |

 Life starts small
As a tiny little thing barely the size of a basketball

But as time goes on
life turns bigger and bigger more

Untill one day you'll look back
and think
"how could I have been so small?" 


Went to visit my cousin the other day, and took the chance to see my newly born niece =)

Babies are cute. =)

Anyway, I'm still trying hard at adjusting to intern life now. Waking up early and coming home late is not something I'm used to. It's like I barely have a few hours time to stay put at home. 

Going to get my last semester results this Saturday, and meet up with the college gang! Haven't seen them since AGES! Excited excited excited! I'm sure we'll all have loads of internship experiences to share!

Fingers crossed that my Advertising Creativity can still scrap an A... >< 

Aching body,

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