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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 |

Holla! One more birthday post!

6 May 2011, Monday

It was one sudden surprise birthday celebration. I spent most of the journey to Subang calling others, asking if they had stuff like scissors, double sided tape.... 

Around 8pm we reached Zac's apartment at Meridian, and with Wei Fong's help we sneaked in to the 27th floor. 

Preparing the cake...
Ready to go!

With Rex's help we managed to get inside the house, trying to be as quiet as we could.....


The shocked look on Zac's face! We really thought he might have figured out at least a bit by now, but he had totally no idea!

His present, a Fujifilm instant camera! We used up one box of instant film to create this...

In English it means " Happy Birthday to You".

And then we stay around and chit chat till quite late... while a few of them still had exams the other day. successful surprise, and one happy birthday! =)

Photo Credits : Facebook

11 + 11 = 22,

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