Rex turns 23!

Sunday, May 8, 2011 |

HUGE typo error, should be *23rd!

18 April 2011, Monday

Rex's 23rd Birthday!  Zac planned a surprise for him and we were all involved!

Sook made him cupcakes!

So while he was taking a bath we were secretly lighting up candles outside in the living room.

And when we got in somehow he already knew of the whole surprise. Where's the fun then? =(

Blowing out candles..

Birthday boy!

Champagne sponsored by WaiLing.

We watched the pre-loaded video of all of us saying Birthday wishes to Rex, and drank the champagne.


Afterwards we went to Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid for dinner. They were having a student promotion, which explains the following picture....

Student IDs!

We all look different from our student ID photos. Two years change people a lot!

While waiting for the food to be served....

The food was alright. Like usual, the serving was just too large for our small appetites. Even if they were already set into smaller sizes to cater for the promotion.

Group photos!

Then, just as we were about to leave.... Fish Market's staff suddenly appeared with a small brownie with a candle on top! Almost immediately we all scattered back to our seats, and everyone in the restaurant joined together to sing the birthday song!

Everyone having a bite!

And the day ended with us folding paper cranes for the Japan people. Kinda a waste of paper, but I guess it's the thoughts that count. 

Another memorable day to jot down among all the others....

Photo Credits : Facebook 

Things should stay that way,

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