Monday, May 9, 2011 |

Realise something lately? 

Something unusual...?

The temperature....?

 Yeah you sure it is!

Today's temperature : 36°C !!!!!!    (info from here)

Malaysia's climate average temperature is supposed to be at 27.5 °C. 36°C is almost 9 degree celsius above that? This isn't normal!!!

And me not being able to sleep at night, AND being woken up by the heat of everywhere surrounding my body isn't quite normal either, even if it's really not much of a deal to everyone else. But it a torture to me. =(

I really don't wanna lower my air con temperature, since I've heard sayings that with the higher the temperature you set, the more you save energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions, and also your electricity bill won't freak you out every time you get it... but it really is too hot to stand!!

The weather forecast says it going to rain tonight, or tomorrow. (Forecast link)  Let's hope that's something to believe to.

Oh and I think I'm melting soon. Into a puddle of sweet awesomeness.YAY for me!

Perhaps ice-cream,

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